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Monday, February 28, 2011

New Fangled Toddler Toys

 Stumped about what to get the toddler who has everything? Baffled by what you should get for the child down the street for her next birthday? Tired of guessing the next best Christmas wonder toy? Kahlen is here to demonstrate her favorite high tech  cutting edge toys.

First, the multi colored, multifunctional cans of beans and bacon soup. They role, they stack, they make loud noises when dropped on the floor. They are surprisingly cuddly, and may in times of national emergency serve as an effective teddy bear replacement. Hours of entertainment for the most finicky eighteen month old.

Next, we have the ever popular oatmeal box. Now, don't let its trendy appearance fool you, it is actually a low tech marvel that can double as a storage container or a drum. No batteries required. Yes, seriously! Don't forget about the nice old Quaker man on the outside of the box, such a friendly looking chap.

Here we have the new and improved roasting pan. It can be sat in, it can be danced in. It can be slid across the floor and used as a transportation unit for self or  toys. And, it's silver and shiny, always a plus for the discriminating toddler.

This is the roasting pan's companion toy, the measuring cup. Played with together, the measuring cup can be a steering wheel or an advanced warning system when banged against the cupboard.

 Used separately, the measuring cup can also serve as a stylish shoe. Like the oatmeal box it makes a fantastic musical instrument that makes the sound of a bird in spring. It also successfully scatters dog food across the kitchen floor.

Finally, the tuna can and the dog bed. Not toys you normally think of to use together, but miraculously they work in coordination much the same way an artists paint brush works with hot coals. You think it isn't going to work, yet you throw them together and sparks fly. It's a beautiful site to see.

We hope this tutorial is helpful to you. Kahlen worked very hard to put it all together. She is exhausted now and must take a nap.

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