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Friday, April 23, 2010

Who Runs the House

This was a tough week. Nothing major or anything. Alyssa and I were sick. Monday, I went to work, noticed my hands were stiff and sore and not doing what I wanted them to do. This was just the beginning of several days of the worst virus I've had in seven years. As the day went on the pain spread throughout my body. And the chills, I was so cold I thought it was winter again. By the time I got back from lunch (didn't eat) I couldn't stand up for more than five to ten minutes. At that point my boss told me to go home, Bless her soul. Went to the doctor, just a virus, nothing to do but get through it. Got home, found out that the grand baby was sick too, she'd been throwing up. Mom and Dad took her to the ER. Basically the same thing, a virus.

So, I went up stairs, put on my warmest sweatpants and sweatshirt. Crawled under two warm quilts. Still freezing to death. Waited to DIE!!!! I couldn't even get out of bed without help.

The next day, still waiting to die. Kahlen, luckily was much better and back to her normal self.

Wednesday, Gramma, better but not good, not good at all. Still weak, and still not able to eat anything. Mom, now also sick and waiting to die! Dad and Grandpa were both at work. Kahlen, %100 better, ready to play with only Mommy and Gramma there to entertain her. Luckily she was a very good girl all day, and almost seemed to understand our limitations. Until bedtime, she wanted Mommy. Mommy was so weak she couldn't sit up, much less hold a squirmy eight month old. Gramma was NOT a reasonable facsimile! If Mommy is not there Gramma is fine. When Mommy is there.... absolutely not! We got through it though. I got her to sleep, some how. Then Mommy and I continued waiting to die.

Everyone is mostly better now. No one died. We couldn't get off that easy. But it did remind us who really runs the house when there is a baby living there.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Why Always in a Hurry?

Have you ever noticed how we are always in a hurry. In a hurry to get the kids ready for school. In a hurry to get to work. In a hurry to get done with work so we can get home to our families. Then when we get there, we are in a hurry to get supper on the table, get the homework done, get the kids bathed and off to bed. We rush through the time when our kids are growing up to the point where we wake up one day and they are all grown. Is it a cultural thing? Is our country always in such a hurry that we don't know how to relax and enjoy the time we have with our families? In this game show that is life, why do we speed round our children's childhoods?

Is that why being a grandparent is so much more fun? We don't have to rush from here to there. Soccer practice is the parents responsibility. Baseball games and softball games are no longer an obligation but now a joy. I mean I loved going to my children's activities, but there were always so many of them. Let's face it you can't be in Adair, Des Moines, and Van Meter all in one night. As a parent when you have to choose to be in one place when two of your other children are off in another, you feel like you are short changing someone. It is hard to completely enjoy one thing when you feel guilty about not being at another. I'm sure one day I will still have to choose between things again, but as a grandparent I can rotate evenly. Not have to pick one over the other based on transportation issues.

I really enjoy getting to slow down and go at Kahlen's pace. I can sit and roll a ball back and forth with her for as long as she thinks it is fun with out worrying about what else I should be doing. We can go out into the back yard and smell the flowers and the herbs growing in the garden, just because we want to. Grandpa can sit out by the pond with her and feed the fish til the sun goes down. It just seems so much calmer. Maybe that will change as she grows and gets into soccer and softball and whatever else. I think (or at least hope) it will be different. The day to day rush, rush will be Alyssa and Shane's responsibility. Gramma and Grandpa, we can sit back, relax and enjoy each moment. (and maybe giggle a little to each other as we watch the next generation raise their children.)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

A day out with Kahlen

Kahlen and Great Grandpa Bob
Had wonderful day with Kahlen today. I love Thursdays they are my day to have her. We went and visited Great Grandpa Bob today. Kahlen really enjoys seeing him. She sits on his lap and stares up at him smiling and cooing. She also got to see Uncle Ben, she smiled at him, too, but not like she did Great Grandpa Bob.

I think Kahlen likes little old men. We went to Cracker Barrel today, not to eat, but to look at baby clothes. Their was a little 91 year old man there. He told us the story of how he was 9 years old when Bonnie and Clyde came through Dexter, Iowa. He saw one of the gang members, Buck, I think he said his name was, die on the street in front of him. His mother served the gang, including Bonnie and Clyde themselves four plate specials right before their infamous date with destiny. He was 9 years old when it happened and told the story like it was yesterday. Kahlen watched and listened to him as interested as I was. Like she knew every word he was saying. When he was done, She reached over to him, as I held her, and gave him a big hug. I think it it made his day.

You know at first when he started talking to me, I thought to myself "I really don't have time for this." I looked around to see if he was with anyone hoping for a rescue. Then I stopped to think of my dad. He loves to tell his stories, too. Then, I realized, you know, I really do have time for this and started to listen. I am so glad I did. He told the story so well, and to think, I met someone who actually was there when Bonnie and Clyde were in Dexter, Iowa. When is that ever going to happen again.

So, it seems that Kahlen can now propel herself around the room. No, she is not crawling, but I sat her down about 3 feet to the right of me to play with toys while I wrote this. Now she is at my feet playing with my shoe strings. It seems she has figured out how to scoot herself around while still in an upright sitting position. How cute is that? (I get to say that, I'm Gramma.)

Well, we have a little more day left, and a couple of more things to tend to.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

April 13, 2010

Beautiful day outside. Finally, feels like spring is here to stay. After the long snowy winter seems like everyone is feeling better and less stressed.

I wish I could say the same for my husband. He has been having troubles at work. He works for a big box home improvement store. He has always loved his job and this time of year is always a challenge, but this year even more. He is thinking about taking a step back from his responsibilities to be able to enjoy his new granddaughter more. It has been a long hard choice for him, but he had to make his final decision by today. I'm not sure what he decided, I just want him to be happy. And lets face it we aren't getting any younger and less stress would be good for him. The one thing that make him smile is our beautiful little granddaughter Kahlen.

Kahlen turned eight months old yesterday! I couldn't believe it, I actually found myself counting the months on my fingers to make sure it was really eight months. Is there anything more beautiful than an eight month old? I mean, really. They can sit on their own, entertain themselves a little, but still can't get around well enough to get into much mischief. She has personality that is just exploding all over the place and loves laughing. I must say that she takes after me in one way, when she gets too tired, everything makes her giggle. (until she gets to the point where she is screaming. And boy can she let out a wail and a half).

The reason I call my blog Growing up "Gramma" is that since Kahlen has entered my life I feel I have grown in so many ways. You'd think that you'd get to a certain age and growing would stop. That at some point, even though you still learn new things, actually maturity is finally reached. Its just not true. How long do we really keep maturing? I know in my case, I already see many things in new ways. Work for example. When I wake up to go to work, which is always hard, I can go into Kahlen's room. I see her sleeping, and think to myself "yeah, ok, this is a good reason to go to work today. Keeping a roof over her head, and making sure her room is warm and cozy, that's why I go to work." Some how it makes the day go better. Knowing that she will be there to give me a big old toothless grin when I get home, well that makes even the worst day melt away.

I know that one day her mom and dad will move out and start a home of their own. That will be a good thing when the time comes. But for now, I treasure every minute I get to have with this little girl. I know how lucky I am to have this time with her.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Learning New things

Here I am, trying out something new. For anyone who may ever read this, please be kind when you see the spelling errors and bad grammar. My brother the english major will probably cringe if he ever reads this, but I honestly don't care. Impressing him is not on my list of things to do today.

I have often thought over the years that my life is one that is just not that exciting, and not that interesting to talk about. I listen to my friends at work as they talk about their lives, I give my input, but rarely add anything about my own life. Not that I don't want to share, just have nothing interesting to share.

Well, now that has changed. I now have a new granddaughter that I would love to just gush about! However, my mom taught me that gushing make a person a bore, and that one shouldn't inflict captive audiences with such things. Sooooooo, I figure this is a good place to tell my story. If it bores you as a reader then you can move on no harm done. Perhaps though, if you find it entertaining even in the least you may come back now and then to see how we are doing here in Gramma world.

For now I have to go. Baby sitting tonight and she's been napping a little while longer then she should for being this late. Mom and Dad are going to be less than amused if she doesn't sleep tonight.