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Friday, February 25, 2011

6:30 AM

Today started early. Kahlen woke up crying with a cold wet diaper. Wet everything to be more correct. I picked her up and gave her to Grandpa. She cried louder. I went downstairs to get diaper changing materials and dry jammies. When I got back up, she was still crying. We got her all changed and she cuddled up to go back to sleep. Bazinga, now awake, decided he needed to go out. I went to give Kahlen to Grandpa so I could take Bazinga out, but she was having none of that. A little heart broken, Willie  got up and took Bazinga out. Kahlen snuggled back down, eyes closed, calm and happy. Then Bazinga came back upstairs, rip roaring and ready to play. There would be no more sleeping.

We had a nice breakfast of french toast and pears. Cleaned up, got dressed and brushed our teeth. The rest of the day ahead of us, we tried to decide what to do. Running around the house from one room to the next seemed to be the favorite choice of the day. Kahlen would chase me, Bazinga would chase Kahlen, and Grandpa took a nap. I'm not sure how he slept through it, but he must of needed the sleep.

About 11:00 we decided to head up to Hoopston to go to Pamida for diapers. About two minutes into the drive Kahlen passed out. Willie decided to just keep driving so she could keep sleeping. We ended up in Watseka, turned around and headed back. Once we got to Hoopston again we stopped at Pizza Hut for lunch.

Kahlen, loves garlic cheese bread. She devoured that, apple sauce and a little pizza. She had a cup of lemonade. Grandpa or I would help her when she wanted a drink. Suddenly, she decided that it was Grandpa's job to help her with her drink, and only Grandpa's. If I would try, she would push the cup to Grandpa refusing to take a drink from me. I think Grandpa was secretly thrilled. They were both so cute. (Sssshhhhh, don't tell Willie I called him cute.)

We got back home and it was time to move some furniture. We have a little red rocking chair that we bought at the Habitat For Humanity store. I plan on repainting it this summer. It is a nice sturdy little rocking chair. Kahlen loves it. She can pick it up and move it around. So, she does. She moved it one place, sat in it, then moved it again. She put it against the wall, she put it in the middle of the room, she put it facing the wall. Each time sitting in it to see if it was in the right place. Finally, it came in from the front porch to the living room. Again, put in many different places and sat in. There was a perfect place for this chair and Kahlen was going to find it.

It was time for another game of tag. Then a game of fetch. Ok, in my defense the game started out with me trying to get the dog to fetch. Every time I threw the toy for Bazinga,  Bazinga and Kahlen both would go running after it. What're ya gonna do? It turned into a race between them to see who could get to the toy first. Whoever got it, would bring it back to me. Finally, Bazinga gave up, knowing, that girl, would bring the toy back,  and then it was just Kahlen chasing the toy. I wondered if it was somehow wrong for me to be playing fetch with my grand daughter, but she was having fun, so we kept playing.

Supper was pig out time. Here was the menu..... Yogurt, starfruit, tamales, peas, and Chocolate milk. When she was done with those she decided she needed part of Grandpa's tuna sandwich and a pickle. I guess playing fetch builds up an appetite.

Bath time was fun as always. Then Monsters Inc, then bed. I'm glad the day started early. It was a good day. 6:30 am will be fine tomorrow, too.

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