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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Olivia and Bazinga

I wanted to use a picture of Bazinga and Olivia,
but Olivia never stops moving
Bazinga and I got to Valerie's last night a little after nine. When I got there I started prying into my daughter's love life and got a few details about the new man in her life. We had a good talk. I enjoyed it, not sure if she did.  Bazinga, completely bored with the subject went to pouncing Olivia.

Olivia is Valerie's cat. The back story to Olivia, as seen through my eyes, is a story of a terrorist. You see, Olivia came to live at our house at one point for about six months. Olivia, normally is a sweet, excessively loving cat. On her own I love Olivia. Olivia plus Mia, and (at that time) Sierra, was a war zone! If it had been before Wickett, our dog, passed away, he would have protected Mia and Sierra. On their own they didn't stand a chance. 

Most of it, I must admit, was my own cats' faults. Olivia came to our house frightened at first, but then ready to play. Mia, of course was terrified! Sierra, being very old and fragile, had no intention of playing with a new cat. Olivia didn't understand. Unfortunately, she still had all of her claws, and when she did try to play, it scared Mia even more. She would pounce and role Sierra, who's old bones couldn't handle it. This ended up scaring Sierra, who turned to Mia as her defender. Not a good choice, but the only choice. The end result being, one frustrated cat who wanted to play. Olivia, finally ended up mad, and instead of playing, started attacking. Attacking ferociously, she put a hole in Mia's back. Seems, if you aren't Olivia's friend you are her bitter enemy. This resulted in terrified cats that wouldn't leave my bedroom. We ended up moving the litter box in there. Willie was now unhappy, too.  Olivia = terrorist. 

We all lived through it, battle scares and all. Valerie ended up with a place of her own, and Olivia moved out. Such a relief. I love my daughter, she didn't need to move out, her cat did. I love Olivia, when she doesn't live with my cats. Later that year Sierra passed away. It was because she was 100 years old not because of Olivia. It makes me sad though that Sierra missed out on her last Christmas. She loved Christmas, she really did. 

Enter Bazinga. The first time Olivia and Bazinga met he was about half her size. Obviously, I was a little nervous. I put him down, they sized each other up. Bazinga is very good at being calm submissive. Olivia liked that. Olivia and Bazinga are now best buds. She truly just wants someone to play with. 

On the outside Olivia and Bazinga are polar opposites. One is pitch black, one is snow white, (well when he is clean, which isn't very often.) One is long and lean one is short and stocky. One's a cat, one's a dog. In the heart, though, they are soul mates through and through. They love playing together. Olivia is Bazinga's most best toy, and Bazinga is Olivia's. He will play with her toys and she will take them back. She will run and hide and he will go find her. It is a very symbiotic relationship. If Olivia and Bazinga ever had to live in the same house, things would be good. Chaotic, for sure, but no one would be quivering in the bedroom.  Then Bazinga goes home and expects Mia to play the same way. 

Well........ It's getting there. 

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