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Monday, March 7, 2011

Nap Time

Naps, as children we hated them. We did whatever we could think of to avoid them. We kept ourselves awake as long as we could, while our parents yelled at us to lay down. Kahlen is no exception. She does not like going down for a nap. To her it is a waste of time, much like a diaper change. It cuts into an otherwise productive day and ruins the flow. I think it literally breaks her heart to have to take a nap. Without one though, life would not be good for anyone else. She still takes two naps a day, and needs them both. She plays so hard in between that sometimes she just passes out while playing. 

Nap time, as adults we love those two words. We look forward to those two words. Not just for our children and grand children. True, the break from the constant moving, and noise and spontaneous combustions of children is pure bliss. As adults, though. the idea of naps, for ourselves, is like a day at a luxury spa. Taking the time in the middle of a busy, crazy day, to just lay down and relax..... Heaven on Earth.  

We stop getting to take naps after kindergarten. Remember your nice little nap mat? You probably hated it back when you fit on it. Can you imagine if they made an adult sized nap mat. You could roll it up, stow it in your desk or locker at work and at 1:30 every day, every body would unroll their mats and take a nap. Would there be a loss of productivity? Maybe, or maybe, with everyone refreshed, production would increase. Think of a toddler after a nap. Battery recharged, on the go all over again. People often say if they could bottle the energy of a toddle they could make millions. Could it be that the secret isn't in a pill but a pillow?  Could it be that caffeine is not the answer? That the beverage companies have conned us in to thinking we can't live with out their addictive stimulants, when all we really need is a nap? Of course our way of life does not allow for nap time for adults. Unless multiple studies come out that prove that productivity is increased by napping it never will. If a nap can't make money, a nap we shall never have. 

Ah, nap time, we never appreciated you when we had you. Now that you are gone, we wish we could be held in your warm embrace once again. We miss you!

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