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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Scary Room

 Yesterday, I decided it was time. I've lived in this house for a year and a half now. The room has been there the whole time. I peaked my head in once, turned around and walked away. I'd think about every once in a while, especially when I'd go down to do laundry.

Really though, would you be in a big hurry to check out a room that had a door that looked like this? Willie has been in there, and survived. Though, he did come out a little grayer than he went in. I think he was shaking a little, too.

Now, it was my turn. I have been looking at things on Pinterest and thought I might find a treasure or two that I could make into something else.
Bazinga, seeing me looking at the scary door to the scary room, became concerned. He knew that going in there was a bad idea. The basement as a whole is frightening enough, but that room? Bazinga knew no good could come of going in there. He whimpered a little, imploring me NOT to open that door. Surely, there would be evil monsters that eat little white dogs in there. 

 He stood back from the door as I slowly opened it. We peaked in. We decided that a weapon of selfdefense was in order. We shut the door again and looked around. What to use? We needed something that would ward off puppy eating monsters. Bazinga thought a semi automatic machine gun was in order. Never having been a gun owner/collector, the machine gun was just not an option.
 We found a stick. I figured if a bat flew out at me this would be good enough. Bazinga was neither impressed nor inspired to confidence that my choice of weaponry was appropriate. What was I going to do with THAT when a giant red eyed, magenta skinned, lizard tongued, scaly monster with fifteen rows of sharp pointy teeth tried to eat him. He shook his head, woofed good bye to Mia, who was hiding upstairs, the coward, and took a deep breath. We went in.
 Bazinga sniffed the air. He looked around carefully and listened for any unusual movement. Unsure he slowly moved around the room. Suddenly, he realized, this room was the coolest place EVER! So many things to sniff.

As he sniffed around, I looked around. Treasures I did find. All sorts of them. I already have an idea for this shutter, it has a couple of mates out in the garage. That will be my first project. I won't say what it will be yet, but you can expect a post sometime in the future.
 Pinterest has a lot of good ideas for old cribs. I have no idea how old it is or if it is at all safe, so restoring it for the new grandchild is not an option. However, it may still be used for Kahlen and her brother or sister. I have an idea for the spring thingy for my house. I'll let you know later.
This is another treasure, it looks like an old head board. Not sure what I will do with it. There are always options though!

All in all our little expedition into the scary room turned out well. And no puppies were harmed in the process. (Oh, and Bazinga says he was NEVER scared at all and doesn't know why I made such a big deal about it.)

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  1. Love it! Can't wait to see the projects that come of these wonderful hidden treasures!