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Thursday, February 17, 2011

St. Valentine's Day

I have never had a lot of use for Valentine's day. While I know there is a true and good history behind it, I have no idea what it is. I know there was a true St. Valentine. I don't know what he did to become a saint or why he is connected with love. (Ok, yeah, I'll look it up on the net when I'm done, now I am curious.) At Christmas you see a lot of "Remember the reason for the season." Which I completely agree with. But if St. Valentine was important enough to get his own holiday, why don't we know anything about him?

Because perhaps, it has become so commercial that it has even out commercialed Christmas?  While, we don't spend near as much money on Valentine's Day, I think it has even more power over us to buy something. If we don't buy something very romantic and fabulous for that one special person, we risk relationship DOOM!!! Isn't that what the flower and card people have convinced us. Why do we put so much importance on the perfect Valentine's present? If we doom a relationship because we didn't get the perfect Valentine is the relationship worth having in the first place? The Valentine industry would love us all to believe that all relationships will end on February 15th if Valentine's Day is not perfect!  All of this put together jaded me on the holiday long ago. I have a wonderful and loving husband. He proves his love to me everyday, I don't need him to buy me some insane present on Valentine's Day. (Yes, he did get me something wonderful, because he is wonderful.)

Then I went out to get the mail this morning and found a box. A pretty big box. It was sitting on the front porch. We don't use our front door very often except to get the mail. I wondered to myself, first, what is it? Second, when did it get there. And third, who sent it. I didn't remember ordering anything, did Willie? It was addressed to both of us. Perplexing. I picked it up, it wasn't as heavy as the size of the box led me to think it would be. Curious. I took it inside. 

They smell even better then they look!!!!
I opened the mystery box. The sweet decadent aroma of sugar cookies enveloped my senses. I found the message on the outer wrapping. "Happy Valentine's Day! We love you and miss you very much. Love, Josh and Caitlin." Suddenly, the spirit of St. Valentines Day came over me in a rush. I understood, I got it. My day brightened up immediately. It was like a rainbow after a terrible storm. It was my spring after the long winter. It made me HAPPY!

Will I still scoff at Valentine's Day? The cynic in me wants to say yes. But the mushy, soft hearted part of me will probably win out. I'm very glad about that. Maybe the flower and greeting card industry has taken this "holiday" by the throat, but the unexpected, joy of it is still there.  It is sitting on my table waiting for Willie to see it, too!

And the box made Mia very happy, too! So, a belated Happy Valentine's Day to one and all!