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Saturday, December 3, 2011


Willie and I had our first Thanksgiving all on our own this year. It was a strange experience for both of us. It wasn't until Wednesday night that we really decided what we were going to even do for Thanksgiving. This year has been so hectic and crazy with the two weddings that none of the kids could come to Rossville. I had to work the two days before and the weekend after, so I couldn't go to Des Moines. Willie had three days off, and I encouraged him to go to Des Moines, but he decided to stay with me.

Wednesday, I got a voice mail while I was at work. It was someone I didn't know, an older lady. She said she had a delivery for me and needed to know where my house was to deliver it. She left a number to call. I listened to the message again. I could not for the life of me, think what I had that needed to be delivered. Should I call this number? I thought to myself. I knew I hadn't ordered anything. What could it be? I decided to call the number. The woman from the voice mail answered. It was a flower shop. My daughter Valerie had sent us flowers for Thanksgiving!

I told the voice at the other end where our house was. "Oh, Dr. Mason's house." Our house, is not, in the eyes of the locals, our house. Our house is still and forever will be, Dr. Masons. We pay the mortgage, but it will always be his.

When I got home from work the flowers were there. Beautiful fall flowers that brightened up the whole house. A card from Valerie was attached telling us she loved us and Happy Thanksgiving.
It lifted our spirits. It helped us remember how much we have to be thankful for. Our daughter had made our day, and saved our holiday.

That night we went to the store. We got turkey breast and all the fixings. Thursday morning Willie and I got up and made our Thanksgiving feast for two. We made it together, it was a lot of fun. We sat down at the table, the flowers as our center piece, and enjoyed our Thanksgiving together. Thank you Valerie, we love you so much!!