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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Mia (part two)

Which tush is bigger? The white one or the diapered one?
Once Kahlen started moving the first thing she went for was Mia. This surprised, dismayed and of course frightened Mia. She had been skittish of Kahlen all along anyway and when that strange little creature actually started propelling itself from place to place all on its own, life was over. Mia, who had been frightened out of at least four of her nine lives already, just lost number five. It was moving and it was coming after her. This was not acceptable behavior. She liked the strange little bundle better when it had no mobility. She liked it better before it came to live in her house.

You see as previously mentioned, Mia is afraid of everything. Most of my friends that have come to our house have never seen Mia. A person has to be at our house a minimum of fifteen times before Mia will willingly come out and visit. People, in general, are the most frightening things on the face of the earth. Well, besides puppies, butterflies, kittens, grasshoppers, ladybugs, plastic walmart bags. The list goes on forever.  So, you must understand how scary a new born child was, and it was living in Mia's house for goodness sake! It wiggles, it screams, it takes every one's attention. How can this creature be living in her house?

Kahlen and Mia
Fast forward nine months. Mia is starting to accept  Kahlen. She seems to be staying so maybe it is time she gets brave and checks her out. Everyone else seems rather fond of her, maybe it is time to find out why. Kahlen is sitting up now, Mia can get up behind her and do a sniff and run. This seems to have a slight calming affect on Mia. Maybe this baby, who is cute after all, might just be ok. She is still loud, but every so often this loudness seems to delight the people who live in the house, so maybe it is ok.

Then she started crawling. Unacceptable! Mia can't run, she can't even hide. Her favorite place to hide is behind the couch and the little critter can get back there too! How can this be? Next thing you know she will be up and walking like the big humans. Mia was sure she would never survive that!
This was a BIG deal

She did of course. They even started getting to be buddies. Then we had to move.

The move was very smooth. I was sure that Mia would be a panicked mess the entire drive. She hadn't really been in a car for years. She was going to have to survive a six hour drive in a rental truck with, I swear, no shock absorbers. We put her in her cat carrier. Set up a litter pan in the truck. We put her in the truck and were on our way. Mia cried the first half hour and then peed in the carrier. As you know cat pee stinks. I let her out of the carrier, she walked through the pee and straight on to my lap.

We stopped at the first rest stop, Mia went quickly under the seat to hide. I went into the rest stop to change my jeans. I cleaned out the cat carrier and back on the road. It seems that the actual driving was not a scary as you might think. Mia came out of her hiding place, and snuggled next to me for the ride. Every once in a while she would pop up and look out the window. When we stopped she would bolt back under the seat, and hide till we were on our way again.

She survived the ride. Willie was still in his apartment and we had several days before we could take possession of the house. Mia seemed to be fine with the apartment. She hid for a little while but was out and about quicker then expected. Everything seemed fine. My friend, Dawn, had a puppy for me. I took the weekend before we could move in to the house to go get him.

Mia was about to lose life number six.

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