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Saturday, February 5, 2011


Bazinga, unlike most of us this winter, loves the snow. He would stay outside in it all day if he could. His belly is about four inches off the ground, yet he prefers to poop in 6 inches of snow. Perplexing it's true, but that is his preference. When we go out he gets about 1000 snowballs attached to his belly fur. Sometimes there are so many the he walks bull legged around the yard. Not even this stops him.

One of his favorite things to do is to dive face first into the snow. He will sniff and root around until he has so much snow in his nose that he comes up sneezing. Then he dives right back into the snow until his nose is full again. This behavior amuses and confuses me. He will continue this pattern over and over again. If I didn't get cold and insist on coming in, he would continue for hours I am sure.

Bazinga, I am certain, if given the chance would eat anything. I have said before that he enjoys a tasty snack of rabbit poop, which is available in abundance in our yard. He also enjoys a nice stick and the occasional chew on firewood. There is chewed up firewood all over Willie's mancave. Bazinga seems to think it is a dog cave. Bazinga doesn't seem to mind sharing his cave with Willie though. The Steelers rug that Willie put on the floor for him is a favorite place to chew toys and firewood. Bazinga is not sure though, why the giant water bowl is so tall and has strange creatures swimming in it. One day he will figure out how to drink from it. It looks quite refreshing.

Bazinga has a simple life, eat. sleep, poop, not necessarily in that order. He also enjoys a good game of hide and seek and chase the kitty. He has decided the cat is not going to eat him. She is also fun to tease and make angry. She is slowly taking to him too, not that she'd ever admit it. I caught them the other day playing, until she saw me watching. At that point she clobbered him a good one and ran away. I know I'm going to find them cuddling together at some point, and when Mia notices me she will clobber Bazinga and run away.


  1. He keeps my days busy. Esp. snowy ones when I have to find creative ways to get snowball off his butt.