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Friday, February 25, 2011

Dancing In Our Jammies

Kahlen started the day bright and early again. Willie had taken Bazinga out before he went to work, so Kahlen and I got to have some girl time before I had to take him out again. We went downstairs and changed her diaper. She absolutely hates having her diaper changed. It wastes precious time that would be better spent doing something more important, like running through the house screaming. Diaper change done, we turned on the some music and started jammin in our jammies while we made breakfast. Kahlen loves to dance. She loves all types of music. She will dance to anything. We boogied together while we got everything out of the fridge. We shook our booties while we made chocolate milk. We got breakfast all put together and shuffled it to the table.

I had some left over french toast from yesterday, so we reheated that. Yesterday, Grandpa ate breakfast with her. He is much more meticulous than I am and washed the syrup off Kahlen's hands with every single bite. I prefer the wait till we are done and get it all at once method. Sometimes this backfires on me. Today was one of those times. I let Kahlen dip her french toast in her syrup and feed herself. She has not perfected the use of a fork yet. Each bite was an experiment in how to least efficiently get food from plate to pallet. When we were done, I went to the internet to try to apply for federal disaster relief funding. Somehow, the federal government does not have funding for syrup disasters, who knew? I think members of congress should have to clean up their own toddlers' breakfast messes instead of having the nanny do it. Perhaps, then their would be more understanding for this national crisis.

 When every thing was all cleaned up we brought Bazinga downstairs to join us in a game of monkey tag. What is monkey tag? Yesterday, when we went to Pamida, we got Kahlen a little purple monkey with bunny ears. I thought it was adorable, so Kahlen HAD to have it.  We started playing tag, and the person who was "not it" got to run with the monkey. When she was caught the other person got to have the monkey and run with it. I figure it was exercise and sharing all rolled into one. It seems a rousing game of monkey tag wakes a toddlers bowels up, so it was time for another diaper change.

To get her to cooperate a little more I told Kahlen when she was done she could have a diaper to diaper her baby with. It helped a little, she got the diaper and tried to diaper her glowworm. If you have never seen a glow worm, they don't have legs. It didn't really matter though, she mostly just wanted to shake the heck out of the diaper.

It was quite a busy morning. We got into the car to go have lunch with Grandpa. Kahlen passed out before we even got three blocks. We ate lunch with Grandpa. Today, it was Gramma's job to help her with her drink.

After dropping off Grandpa, Kahlen and I went to the pet store for dog food and cat litter. We spent a lot of time looking at the birds, rabbits, fish and mice. She really liked the big macaws. They busily showed off for her and made her giggle. The bunnies even seemed to be trying to get her attention. Not that it was hard.

About halfway back to Rossville Kahlen conked out again, and has been sleeping ever since. I think we may try cookie making when she wakes up. I wonder if there is disaster aid for that?

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  1. That cracked me up Becky! I think you should probably contact your representative to find out about getting that changed - Disaster Relief is clearly necessary!