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Friday, February 11, 2011

It's Time! IT'S TIME!

I got a good night sleep last night for the first time in a long time. After being the whiny little brat yesterday, I decided it is once again that time of the year. That second most wonderful time of the year. After this long hard winter that we have had we all deserve it. What? What?!  You ask.

It is time to break out the grills, thaw out the steaks! It is time to dig out the shorts and T-shirts! That's right! It is time for LET'S ALL PRETEND IT'S SPRING DAY!!!!!!!!! We need it this year even more than ever! I think this year the whole country needs it.

I have done this for the last three years. My kids have thought me crazy, but that's part of the fun of having kids, making them think you are crazy. Last year I even dressed Kahlen in spring clothes for the day. This year I decided with all of the snow that has clobbered most of the country, I would try making it a Facebook event. I have invited all of my Facebook friends and hope the will invite theirs. Can you imagine, if everyone gets out their grills all on the same day, maybe we can melt all of that dirty white crap out there.

This will be my menu this year.

Cheeseburgers, mmmmmm, love those cheeseburgers!

Potato salad, can't have a cook out without it.

Baked beans, cooked out on the grill.

Corn on the cob, I know I'll have to use frozen, but we can pretend, that's what this whole day is about anyway.

 What for desert? Hmmmm. Must think. It needs to be made on the grill, needs to be nummy.

I know! I know! Grilled pineapple with vanilla ice cream! Just think, warm caramelized pineapple slowly melting rich vanilla ice cream. Sounds good already! I can't wait! What will your menu be?

There it is, Sunday is going to be the third annual Let's All Pretend It's Spring Day! You can celebrate on what ever day works out best for you. The point is to get out and thump winter in the nose! Tell old man winter it is time for him give up the reigns. Get out the blow driers and chase Frostie out of town. He's over stayed his welcome. He's like the poor relative that comes for Christmas and never leaves! It's time for him to GO! Let's take that stupid magic hat and give it back to the magician. It is time to make winter go away!


  1. Remember it is more about the attitude then what you do. Have fun and just forget about the snow and the cold and just Pretend it is SPRING what ever day works for you!

  2. I was pretending it was spring today and I didn't wear socks!

  3. That's funny! Way to get into the spirit of it all!!!!