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Monday, July 30, 2012

I Just Grow Everything Big, I Guess

This is ONE tomato plant. 
 My son, Joshua, is six foot, three inches tall. My daughter, Alyssa, is a good three inches taller than me. My Maltese dog is ten pounds, the biggest they are supposed to be is about seven pounds. Mia, well, my fat cat is about twenty pounds. Last year I tried to grow mini pumpkins for Alyssa's wedding and the patch took over the yard.

This year it is the tomato plant that ate the world. That fence behind the plant, is five feet tall. As you can see it is a good two feet taller than it.
The tomato plant on the right is normal sized.
The one on the right, the monster of Rossville. 

How I grow things so big I will never know. Valerie, my short daughter, says she is normal sized and the rest of us all are freaks of nature. (She really is just short. And I'm guessing that I'm going to take some flack for that.)

It isn't just tall either. I don't think I've ever had a tomato plant get this big. If you are wondering, yes, it is producing tomatoes like mad. Willie told me today that he gave it a boost of fertilizer. I wonder if it will grow legs and start walking now.....

And Now... Just In Time To Sell It....

 Remember when Willie and I first moved into this house and I wrote a post about the 1960's bathroom from hell? Well, finally, almost 2 years later, the bathroom is FINALLY DONE!
Yes, it is true that the house is now for sale. Which also makes it true that after all that work someone else is going to use and enjoy this new bathroom. Hopefully, it will help sell the house at a decent price.
 Hopefully, once we get to Iowa City, the new house will have a bathroom that is already usable and pretty. Or at least that will only need paint. I like to paint. That whole tiling thing, though, not so much. I would do it again. I know more now, so that would help.
I like how it turned out. I like the colors we chose. The lighting doesn't show it well in the pictures though. We put in crown molding, Willie, got very frustrated with it. Trying to get the angles cut did not go well, so we improvised. I think it turned out well.
All in all, for never having done a project like this before, I think we did ok.

Monday, July 2, 2012

The Waiting Game

Whoever came up with the phrase "The Waiting Game" obviously had no idea of what the concept of a GAME really is. A game is supposed to be entertaining, it is supposed to be interesting. A game is supposed to be FUN! Those three facts were completely lost on that idiot.

I don't like waiting. I don't mind waiting in a line for a movie or at the grocery store. I have decided that to get mad about those types of things is just a waste of time and energy. Those types of waits are a part of life, a necessary evil if you will. I find ways to avoid them when I can and accept them when I can't.

It is harder waiting for things like Spring after a long winter. Or Fall after a long hot dry summer like this one is turning out to be. Again though, it is a fact of life that can't be changed. I have learned to appreciate the things that are wonderful about cold winters and hot summers. There is always some kind of beauty to be found and embraced.

Bazinga's opinion of waiting
The kind of waiting that I hate is the life changing kind. The kind you are looking very forward to or dreading with every fiber of your being.

We, as a family, have been "playing  the waiting game," the last month or so. It all started while Willie and I were back in Des Moines for a vacation and family reunion. We had a great time with family and friends. Spent a lot of time with Kahlen and just relaxed and had fun.

So, where is the stress in all of that you may ask? While we were there, an opening at a store in Iowa City became open. Iowa City is only two, count them TWO hours from Des Moines. Much better than the seven hours that we travel now. An easy day trip for Thanksgiving, Christmas and birthdays. No more missing out on important things, and if we want to kidnap Kahlen for a day or two, it is no longer a fourteen hour round trip. I can go get her and bring her back home on the same day. Maybe we can get to do it a little more..... oh Shane.... oh Alyssa..... are you reading this????

Willie had a hard time deciding whether to post for the job. He had held out hopes of getting all the way back to Des Moines. We talked about it and maybe my excitement took over his doubts, but he decided to post. On our way back home to Illinois, we stopped in Iowa City and Willie interviewed for the position. I waited in the car with Bazinga. Luckily, the horrible hot weather hadn't set in yet.  I caught up on my soap that I watch on my computer, yeah yeah.... whatever. An hour and a half later Willie comes back out. He was smiling and thought it went really well. The manager thought he'd have his decision by Friday, that day was a Monday. The longest week of my life was set to begin.

Thursday came, Willie got a call from the manager of the Iowa City store. He had gotten busy with other things and wouldn't make a decision until early next week. The longest week of my life just got extended.

We waited, impatiently, very impatiently for Monday to come. I was a mess all weekend at work. Willie kept giving me reasons why it was taking so long, but I could see that he didn't really believe them himself, so I wasn't reassured.

Monday came, no word. Willie thought for sure that we would know on Tuesday. Tuesday came, I spent my day finding ANYTHING I could do to keep my mind off of the phone. I actually got quite productive. I sanded down a folding door that I found in the scary room. I sanded some barnwood that Dawn had given me. All of these things are projects in the making, and perhaps future blogs. I even mowed the lawn that morning. The phone NEVER rang. Willie got home that night, he had gotten a call! A call to tell him that a decision still had not been made. AAAAARRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!! Waiting is NOT a GAME!

Wednesday came, I had to work. At least I wouldn't be watching the phone all day. I had a review at work that went very well. I decided that it was time to tell my boss why I kept dawdling on getting my certification renewed. I told her that we might be moving and I really really do not want to work at another pharmacy when we did. I didn't want to waste $150 on a certificate I wasn't going to use anymore. Iowa City has a lot more jobs than Danville, Illinois. I will find something new! I do not want to sell pseudo ephedrine any more! I do not want to be yelled at by people who are mad because they can't get their vicodin early........ AGAIN....... ANY MORE! Anyway, I digress. My boss was very happy for me, but sad to see me go. I told her I'd let her know as soon as I knew anything.

Thursday, still no word. More sanding and paint stripping. Just couldn't sit around waiting again.

Friday morning. I came down stairs, Willie was out on the front porch talking on the phone. I tried to read his expression. Willie is very good at poker faces. I tried to figure out first who he was talking to, then when I was pretty sure, what they were talking about. They talked for a while. I got worried. I was sure at one point that it was a no. I came inside and paced around. Trying to remind myself that even if it is a no, we are fine. We have a great house, we live in a nice little town. It wouldn't be the end of the world. Except I KNEW it WOULD be the end of the world!

I went back out to the porch. Willie had just gotten off the phone. He smiled at me and I started jumping up and down and clapping my hands! HE GOT THE TRANSFER!!!!! We would be going home! Well, most of the way anyway.

Now the question is WHEN?!? The person he is replacing is waiting to get a store of her own, so we have to wait for her to get a transfer, before we can transfer. Sooooo....... Guess what? We are "playing the waiting TORTURE" again.......
How long before I get to see this face?