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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Gramma Gets in Trouble

So, Kahlen and I are home on our own last night, like most Monday nights. We are having a good time playing and "talking." I get hungry for some pudding. I go to the fridge and get a chocolate snack pack. Kahlen comes up and looks so cute and I tell her to say "please." I must have turned my head just so and smiled when I said that because that is what Kahlen did. It was so cute. So I gave her a small little bite of my pudding. I take another bite, and decide to see if she will do it again. I tell her to say please and she tilts her head ever so slightly and flashes this big phony grin. It made me laugh, and I gave her another bite. She started giggling with a big chocolate smile. Well, before I knew it we had finished off two pudding packs.

Got her to bed about eight thirty, which is a little early for her and thought she was down for the night. Yeah, not so much. She was asleep for about 3 hours. Eleven thirty came along and she was up and crying. That lasted until about six this morning. Alyssa was not a happy camper. Not that anyone else in the house got any sleep either. You see if Alyssa can't sleep, no one gets to sleep. I guess it was part my fault. I would have gotten up and taken Kahlen for Alyssa, but I had to be at work at seven thirty, she didn't have to work until five pm. I think she got a nap in though. So, hopefully tonight will be better. We all need sleep.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

So Much Going On

Kahlens birthday was a huge success. It was at her Grammy's house in Grimes. Lots of people were there, including to my very pleasant surprise, my dad! He doesn't get out and do much these days, so when I saw him in the car with my sister I was very happy!!!! He sat in the sun and seemed to enjoy himself greatly.

Kahlen definitely enjoyed her first birthday. She got the hang of opening presents real quick, and figured out they were HERS even quicker. Daddy would go to put something aside to open something else and she would grab it back with that stubborn toddler "mine!" look. She ate her cake in a less then lady like fashion. She decided that the frosting felt funny on her fingers. She kept trying to pick up her cake but that gooey stuff on top was just nasty and gross and she didn't want it on her pretty little fingers. Instead she dive bombs her face into the cake and eats it like dog! Sticky and gooey is just fine on the face!

After her party we all met up with Dawn and her family at the Iowa State Fair. It was Kahlen's first trip to the fair. I know she enjoyed it. She waved at people, she "talked" to people, she giggled. It had cooled down by the time we got there, so it was a lot of fun for all. SHe got to see the horses and piggies, some bunnies and turkeys. It completely wore her out til she passed out in the stroller. It was so much fun seeing her experience it.

About two weeks before her birthday Kahlen started walking, and she hasn't stopped since! Before she started walking on her own she would walk holding on to my finger back and forth around the house. She could do this for hours! So, needless to say, it is a relief for me that she is doing it on her own now. She does still enjoy walking with me, too. For that I am very happy! When we do walk I need to hold her left hand though. Her right hand is her business hand, she needs that to pick stuff up and put it in her mouth after all.

She is saying many words. Mama, Dada, and to my extreme pleasure, Gramma! She puts a few together, "I done", "I did it," things like that. You have to listen closely ofcourse but the words are coming very quickly now. When she does start talking she will not be stopping, much like the walking. She babbles on and on, saying very important things that us big people just don't understand!

I can not believe that she is one year old! How has this year gone so fast. I'm just glad that I was here to help with the party and see her first steps. I still dread the day that I will have to leave her and move to Illinois. It makes me so sad to think of the things I will miss out on. We are not having any luck selling the house. That scares me, we can't afford to support two households. I miss Willie so bad! I am so torn inside. But I will enjoy the time I still have with her, and take her to see Grandpa when ever I can. Life has its ways of working out. Just have to have faith that God will make everything right.