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Monday, February 7, 2011

Mia (part one)

Mia is my cat. She is fat, there is no sugar coating it, she is fat. She is about 7 years old. I don't know her birth date, we got her from the Vermilion County Animal Shelter in 2004. She was just a kitten then. She was this cute, tiny, calm little kitten. She had a little tiny black spot on her chin that looked like some one accidentally poked her with a marker. The kids wanted to get one of the other kittens that were playing in the cage next to her. I liked the fact that she was small and calm. We got Mia.

That is a LARGE pizza box she is sitting on.
We went through the process of adopting her. We couldn't pick her up for a few days. The kids went to pick her up while I was at work. They brought her home with an antibiotic, she had a little respiratory infection. When I got home she snuggled up on my shoulder and slept. I loved my new calm, little kitten.

Mia under the blanket, Wickett trying to get her to play.

Two days later the antibiotic had kicked in and Mia woke up. My calm little kitten turned into terror cat. She'd get under the couch and pull herself along the bottom of it with her claws while she was upside down. The kids dubbed this her spider-kitty move. She was climbing the curtains and running all over the house at full speed. The dog we had at the time, Wickett, loved this. He would chase after her and play with her. He just didn't like the needles at the end of her paws that she kept poking him with. She'd run up the stairs and Wickett would chase. She'd run across the front room and Wickett would chase. Once she got a Walmart bag stuck on her foot. That scared the bajebers out of her. She came flying down the stairs screaming a cat scream all the way. Wickett came flying after her. Sierra, our cranky old lady cat that we had then, who hated Mia, came running down the stairs after Wickett. She was screaming as well, but an I'm going to kill you scream. She was attacking Wickett because she thought he was killing Mia. Wickett was trying to save Mia from the bag that he thought was killing her. Mia was just trying to get away from the scary bag that she knew was killing her. It was all quite comical.

Wickett thought Mia was the best toy we had ever gotten him. He absolutely adored her. Then we had to take her to the vet to get her fixed. She was gone over night. Wickett was devastated. He moped around the house the whole time. The next day when we brought Mia home she was, of course, not ready for playtime. Wickett, was concerned. He tried to play with her and we would tell him no. He sniffed at her and worried. Soon he went and laid down, very unhappy. We had taken his best ever toy and BROKE it! Once she got to feeling better things got back to normal. Wickett loved Mia, Mia was afraid of everything, and Sierra hated the world.

Our little trio lived happily together for years. Ok, Sierra would have argued with the word happily. A few years back Wickett passed away, followed soon by Sierra. They had

Mia and Sierra, Sierra being a normal sized cat.
both lived good long lives, Wickett was 12 and Sierra 18 years old when they passed. Mia was much younger. 

Mia missed her buddies but soon along came Kahlen. Kahlen was SCARY! Kahlen was the devil. Mia avoided Kahlen for nine months. Which, ironically, was about the same amount of time it took Kahlen to almost weigh as much as Mia. Once Kahlen was sitting up more and screaming less, Mia started getting a little more curious about her, but she was still scary. Everything is scary to Mia.

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