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Monday, May 2, 2011

Google Maps and Oreo Cookies

Ah, the oreo cookie. It seems even twenty month old human beings know instinctively that pulling the cookies apart and licking away the creamy insides is the proper and best way to eat an oreo. I like the inside out oreos the best myself. The chocolate cream better and it blends so well with the vanilla cookie. Kahlen seems to agree. When given a snack of cookie, she quickly pulled it apart and devoured the chocolate filling. Or at least that which was not smeared all over her face. The other well known fact of the oreo cookie is that more of it ends up on the outside of the child then ends up on the inside. That is part of the magic of the cookie. One cookie can be spread all over the house in less then 30 seconds flat.

I put the address in my google maps. It looked like it would be easy to find, just three miles from where we were and just one left turn off the road we were already on. We made the appropriate left turn. We found where google maps said it was. We did not find HuHot. We drove around in the parking lot, several times, still no HuHot. We went and checked the area on the other side of the street. Nothing there either. Had my ever faithful google maps failed me? We circled the parking lots once again, disappointed we had submitted to giving up. Willie turned the car around, and there as big as life was a sign! HuHot next left, it told us. Back across the street we went, low and behold there was a little niche that we hadn't seen before. HuHot!

Willie and I happily devoured our separate concoctions of HuHot yumminess. Kahlen, was not so impressed. She happily ate some mandarin oranges, and crunchy noodles, but not too sure about anything else. Some of which may have been that we poked the bear a little before she was ready to wake up.

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