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Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Search

Those of you who read my ramblings on a regular basis have probably noticed that Kahlen's hair is quite often in her face. It is that length where it just doesn't want to stay back. It is curly enough that it just doesn't behave. I hate having my hair in my face. Willie is constantly trying to keep Kahlen's hair out of her face. So, yesterday, Kahlen and I went on an extensive search for the perfect hair doodad.

After having lunch with Grandpa, we headed to WalMart to conduct our research.
 First try was a headband with tiger lilies attached. I put it on her head and grabbed a mirror on a hook next to it. She admired herself. She liked the way she looked, she left it on. I thought I had a winner. I looked at more of the hair accessories and decided to just go ahead and buy some little ponytail holders as well.

The tiger lilies still adorning the perfect little head, I looked at other headbands as well. There were yellow flowers and plain plastic ones.  So many to choose from.
 Then I saw a pink fluffy one and thought, now that's Kahlen. I tried it on her, and let her look at herself in the mirror. She smiled and grabbed the mirror. She turned her head, and looked at it from different angles. She approved with a giggle and we decided to get both.

We went and paid for our little hair stash and headed home. She chose to wear the tiger lilies for the drive home. The orange flowers bobbed around in my rear view mirror. She left it on the whole drive, and I was very proud of myself for finding something she would wear. We got home, and she played with the fake butterfly in a jar that Grandpa got her. Headband still happily in place. Until it wasn't. I turned around to find the happy tiger lilies being chewed on by the dog.

Realizing I wasn't as clever as I had convinced myself I was, I tried putting the pink one back on her. Five minutes later.... Headband... Dog's mouth. Hmmmmm.

Ok, try number three. I got out the ponytail holders. I swiped her hair to the side and placed the doodad. It seemed to stay. As a matter of fact, it stayed in until bath time. It looks a little silly, but on a toddler it is cute. I put it in again today, and so far it is still there. It hasn't been in the dog's mouth anyway.

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