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Monday, May 9, 2011

Bazinga Gets a New Haircut

After a week spent in Des Moines, while my Dad was in the hospital, I was a little worried about what I would come home to as far as Bazinga and his long locks. Willie had to leave him in his kennel most of the day while he was at work. Bazinga and Willie have a, lets call it, working relationship. They get along, they respect each others' space, but they aren't the best of buds. Taking time to comb Bazinga every day after work was not on Willie's list of things to do. Just something that he doesn't think of, much like I might forget to feed his fish when he is gone. (No fish have ever died on my watch, honest.)

 Willie did give Bazinga a bath one day while I was gone though. We had a lot of rain that week and Bazinga got very muddy that day. He combed him out as best he could. By that time though, I think it was a lost cause. His under coat had matted down and was in utter tangles.

The day I got home, I tried for an hour to detangle just one small area. It was a lost cause. In frustration, I got out the scissors and started cutting away the long silky hair. Part of me was disappointed, I had taken great care of his coat since getting him. The other part of me was kind of glad. I had been going back and forth on whether or not to get him trimmed for the summer months. Now, the decision had been made.

Unfortunately, that evening I was also very exhausted. I only did half the job and stopped. My pour puppy now looked like an unkempt vagrant just coming in from the cold. Having Kahlen here and Willie working until ten every night poor Bazinga had to keep his half done do for a week. Going for walks was a complete embarrassment for him. Other dogs laughed and pointed. He was humiliated.

Yesterday I got the scissors out again. Bazinga, not looking forward to the torture about to be inflicted upon him, decided to be brave. He sat patiently as I did my dastardly deed. He would not whimper, he would not cry. He hoped for the best and waited for me to finish.  After two hours of snipping and cutting a newer happier dog was revealed. His dignity restored, and donning his new Iowa Hawkeyes collar, Bazinga proudly strutted on his afternoon walk.

You had to know I would put  Kahlen in here somewhere didn't you? 

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