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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day to All Mothers!

This was a year of changes, adaptations and learning experiences for me, my husband and my children. For the first time ever, Willie and I are separated from our kids by over 400 miles. Though it has been six months since we moved, this is still very hard on me, especially on Mother's Day. I love and miss them all very much, especially today.

My daughter Alyssa is going through the same thing. Due to circumstances beyond her control Kahlen is here with me and Willie today instead of at home with her Mommy on Mother's Day.

Kahlen's babysitter had a baby of her own two weeks ago. The new baby and mommy are healthy and happy, but delivery was by C-section, therefore a longer recovery time was needed. This is very bitter sweet for me, I love having Kahlen here, but I know how much her Mommy and Daddy miss her. Especially, today, Mother's Day.

As a little Mother's Day present for her Mommy, Kahlen decided that we should post pictures to show how much she has grown since her last Mother's Day. Kahlen misses her Mommy and Daddy, and wants them to know just how very, very much she loves them. She hopes that it makes her Mommy and Daddy smile. She can't wait to see them!


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