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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Gardening With Toddlers

Gardening with a 20 month old sounds like a fun idea. The toddler gets to play in the dirt with no one telling them to stop. They get to get as filthy as they want, and no one gets angry. It is encouraged to get the hands in and smoosh the earth between the fingers. Should be every child's dream right?

Kahlen is not that kind of a toddler. While she loved wandering all over the yard with her watering can, getting dirty had very little appeal to her. She watered a few rocks and loved watching me fill the watering cans, but beyond that had no interest in getting dirty and planting herbs or tomatoes.
I tried repeatedly to get her into the garden to dig and get dirty. She even had her rain boots on, to keep her feet good and clean. She would have none of it. She kept trying to wander off and go into the garage. I went outside with the intent of planting a couple of herbs, a tomato, a flat of flowers and a columbine plant. I got the tomato in and had to chase after Kahlen. Then I got one of the herbs in and had to chase after Kahlen. I got the second herb in, and decided to get things watered and be done. Willie wanted me to put the veggie garden clear at the back of the yard. Guess where the hose doesn't reach. Back and forth with two watering cans we went. Kahlen quickly got bored with that, not that I blame her. It was aggravating me as well.
I'm beginning to think that Kahlen may be a bit of an indoor girl. She enjoys sitting out on the porch watching the cars and trucks go by. When a big semi roars past she gets all excited and says "WHOA!" We play a game where we guess what will come next a car or a truck. She excitedly waits until the next vehicle comes and claps and giggles when we have guessed correctly.

While, Kahlen does love the park, and going for walks, it might be a little tough getting her to embrace the outdoors completely. She just doesn't seem to care for getting dirty. I hope she grows out of this stage, I want to take her camping someday. When we camp it is in a tent. Kind of hard to stay clean in a tent.

For now, lunching on the porch watching the world go by is a wonderful alternative. Chilling out with an ice cream sandwich and lounging on lawn furniture is a perfect way to spend the morning.

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