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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Visit From Alyssa and Shane

After a month of back and forth to Des Moines for several different reasons, it all culminated in a visit from Alyssa and Shane. Friday we waited with excitement for Alyssa and Shane to come. Kahlen was the most excited. Mommy and Daddy were coming and she would get to show them Gramma and Grandpa's new home. Of all of the family she has spent the most time here. She has the most experience and knowledge of Rossville. She was excited to share it. She and Bazinga watched out the door most of the morning, waiting to see Mommy and Daddy turn into the drive way.

When the moment came, a smile beamed across Kahlen's face. She ran happily to the back door to greet her most favorite people in the world. Some how I forgot to take pictures. Caught up in the moment of a happy reunion the thought of taking pictures escaped me. Mommy, Daddy and Kahlen together again.  All were ecstatic! 

Next to come was a tour of the house. Kahlen proudly marched ahead of us. She strutted through the house as if she owned it. She was proud to show Mommy and Daddy every nook and cranny. She grabbed them by the hand and took them upstairs. She knew this house like her own and was excited to share it with them. Her favorite place, the porch was the last on the list. We sat out on the porch while she finished up lunch and then headed out to get lunch for ourselves.

Penn Station. Sandwiches from Heaven! A favorite of the Berry family. Every time a family member comes from Des Moines, Penn Station must be visited. Alyssa has had to bear it as we jokingly would send her pictures of Kahlen or Joshua or Valerie thoroughly enjoying a Penn Station sandwich. Today was her turn. Picture taken and sent to Joshua, Alyssa was vengefully satisfied. Joshua has been here twice now and sent pictures to Alyssa both times. You can see by the look on her face she enjoyed her revenge. Will this be the end of the Penn Station feud? I doubt it. Perhaps Josh is already plotting his revenge photo. If this is the worst of their sibling rivalry, I'll take it. 

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