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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Rainy Saturday

Memorial Day Weekend. The first official weekend of the summer season. The promise of a fun filled summer ahead of us. Many BBQs, many camp outs, many picnics are planned for this weekend where we honor the many men and women who have given their lives for our country. Today, those plans are being washed down the street by a rain that just won't quit. Oh, it teases once in a while and looks like it is slowing down. It gives that glimmer of hope that the day will not all be a waste. Then it dumps again, and dashes all hope.

As some of you know, my car is a wimpy piece of cowardly poop that does not like to go in the rain. You try to take it out in the rain and it drops its belt and refuses to turn corners. This happened to Willie the other day. Today he took his car. I am stuck at home, alone, with just the cat and dog to entertain me. The stupid TV isn't working either, dumb rain!

Bazinga, Mia and I have spent much of the day on the porch watching the world go by. We have seen many campers and RV's roll by on their way to weekend adventures that will include soggy campgrounds and wet firewood. I envy them.

Another site in our yard are three flags that the city put there. They are part of the Memorial Day decorations. I was tickled to see them there yesterday afternoon. Today, they are causing conflict in my soul.

I grew up a Girl Scout. One of my favorite scout leaders, Jan Russell, was a very patriotic person. Very proud to be an American, and very proud of our flag. I hear her voice telling me to go get those three flags and bring them in out of the rain. Not just those three flags though, every flag on my street. As a girl scout you are taught the proper way to fold and treat a flag. The proper way to dispose of a worn flag. You should stand up, and men must remove their hats whenever a flag passes you in a parade. Flags are to be treated as a living entity. They are the living symbol of our country. They are not to be left out in the dark with out a proper light shining on them. When worn, they are to be buried or burned ceremoniously with great honor and respect. And they are never, never to be left out in the rain.

Let's face it, no one gives the flag proper respect anymore. The last time I saw such a thing was years ago when I saw a school custodian running out in the rain to take down a flag at an elementary school. Flags are left out in the dark and the rain by every business in America. It just isn't cost efficient to worry about sending someone out in the rain to bring down a flag. Jan, I'm sure, was appalled.

You can see my conundrum. The Girl Scout in me wants to go out and at least bring in the flags in my yard. However, the flags belong to the city. If they were my flags I would bring them in. If I bring them in though, would people think I was being unpatriotic, when in truth, it was the other way around.

I thought about putting umbrellas out over them. I am fairly new to the neighborhood, people would probably think me crazy. While this doesn't bother me, Willie does like to make good impressions.

Here's hoping that the sun comes out soon, and that the weekend will be salvaged for those with plans. A nice streak of sunshine would do well for me and my soggy flags.

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