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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Alyssa and Shane's Visit Continued

Saturday brought an adventure to Indianapolis. I forgot again to take pictures, so pictures of Kahlen will be used instead, oh darn.

We started out with the idea of going to the Indianapolis Zoo, but as with Josh and Caitlin the zoo was not to be visited. Alyssa's phone was on the fritz. With that in mind, I googled Apple Store on my phone and we found one in Indianapolis. The goal was set, and address entered into the GPS. We were on our way.

The grown ups were hungry for breakfast. Kahlen had hers before we left. We all decided to find a Mc Donalds on the way. We had thoughtlessly forgotten the time change as we entered Indiana. Soon after we realized the lost hour meant that breakfast was over and our taste buds would have to readjust to the idea of lunch. The new choice, Steak N Shake.
We found one outside of Indy and stopped. We were seated promptly and waited for our waitress. One of the many things I like about Steak N Shake is that, although it is fast food, they still wait on you, and your food is always fresh. However, this day, fast food was not the correct way to describe things. They were short handed due to a wedding and it took forever. I had never remembered it taking so long. Our food finally came, it was fresh and tasty as always. Apologies were made to us, and milk shakes comped. Despite the wait we had a good time. Shane said he actually liked Steak N Shake better than Penn Station. Alyssa and I were aghast! (We love Steak N Shake, but not more than Penn Station.) He must go back to Penn Station, we decided, he just has not found "his" sandwich yet.

Next stop the Apple Store. We called ahead and made an appointment to try to speed things along. We got there and it, of course, was crazy busy. We were glad we had thought to call ahead. Kahlen and I played with computers for a little while and soon she grew restless. I had the movie Planet 51 on my phone so I took her out to a little table in the mall and we sat down to watch. A lady from the mall came by with crayons and coloring sheets and we were set.

Alyssa and Shane emerged from the store and found us coloring away. Alyssa was given a new phone, but that meant she lost all of her contacts and other info. She was not happy. Her mood quickly changed though when Kahlen ran up to her. We walked around the mall. It was a fairly large mall. It filled our day. Kahlen enjoyed running through the hallways and riding the escalator. Shane let Kahlen stand on the escalator herself, which had Alyssa and I cringing with thoughts of toes caught in escalator teeth. He popped her up off the steps with perfect timing every time. He was amused by our silly fears.

We headed home and waited for Willie to get off work. The rest of the evening was spent with all of us together. We laughed and joked and enjoyed the time that was slipping away from us.

Sunday came and it was time for Alyssa, Shane and Kahlen to head home. It was good for them, but very sad for me. I tried hard to keep the tears in. Alyssa and Shane fought with the DVD player in his mom's car. I played with Kahlen and kept her busy while they fussed with it. They tried to get the audio to come through the car speakers with no luck. They finally gave up and it was time for them to leave. I hated saying good bye.

I had so enjoyed having them all here. Almost felt like normal again.

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