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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Mother Nature Seems a Bit Miffed

The 200 year old tree that fell in our back yard during a strong storm
December 21, 2012, I turn fifty years old that day. Fiftieth birthdays are supposed to be a big deal. Something huge to celebrate. A day to remember. At least for that person.

Oh, yeah, it seems something else may be occurring that day, too. The Mayans, the IChing and a few other sources seem to point to that being a pivotal day in human history. Perhaps the end of life on Earth as we know it.
A sycamore branch taken out by the fallen pine

It, of course, all seems up surd that the Mayans could be correct. There is an alignment of the planets due at that time that theoretically could change the axis of the Earth, but most scientists are down playing that. Are they down playing it because they believe it or because the government told them to? Hmmmmmm?

I'm not a conspiracy theorist. I don't believe that George Bush or Dick Cheney had anything to do with 9-11. I do believe that President Obama was born in Hawaii. I don't believe that rap music is a terrorist plot against our nation, (it just feels like it.) Would they though, if they had the intel that the world truly was coming to an end, tell us?

Not a creek or river, field run off
I am, starting to consider the idea, that if nothing else, Mother Nature is just a bit pissed at the way we are taking care of her planet.  I know that active weather periods have come and gone throughout history.

For instance, there was a period of global warming during the time of the Vikings. During that time, the Vikings flourished in Greenland. (That is when Greenland got its oxymoron name.) They lived happily and well in a warm country, perfect for farming and livestock. Then the weather patterns changed. Livestock died, farming became impossible. For the Vikings, life as they knew it came to an end. They couldn't adapt, they didn't survive.

More water run off from farm fields
Could our weather patterns be changing in preparation for a global event yet to come? Could the changes be beginning already? There have been strange weather events in abnormally increasing strengths in the past few years. Are they a sign of the end of the world? I don't know, but it does seem that Mother Nature is unhappy, and perhaps using her power to fix what we have broken. She uses weather to thin herds, hard winters to decrease over populations of deer, for instance. Is she using weather to decrease the over population of our heard? Have we poisoned her planet to the point that she feels she has no other recourse? Is it time to stop ignoring our planet and start taking care of it?

Ummmmm, Duh!


  1. Very sad. We have over populated and over worked our planet and depleted its resources. Nature just seems to be taking it all back.