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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Brave and Wonderful Adventures of Mia and Bazinga

Mia and Bazinga were busily sleeping the day away, when suddenly a strange, loud, screeching noise woke them both with a start. "What did you do?" Mia growled at Bazinga.

Bazinga looked at Mia, and just as he was about to answer they heard the noise again. "What is that?" Bazinga asked Mia. They both looked at each other in horror, not knowing what to expect next.

They carefully slunk down the stairs, peaking around the corner to see what was at the bottom. Seeing nothing, they continued down until they reached the living room. There they heard the noise again. Where was it coming from?

They peaked their heads around the corner and looked into the kitchen. The back door had an ominous shadow darkening it. "What is that?!" Bazinga said with a shudder.

They slowly approached, the back door. They hid by the refrigerator waiting to here the sound again. "You go look,"Mia demanded, "you've been out there before. You must know what it is."

Bazinga slowly crept up to the door. His body trembling more and more with each step. He got to the door and stood on his hind legs to see what was going on. As his head rose up to be able to see out, the shadow of the mighty beast on the porch poured over him. He looked up, and up and up. There it was, looming over him, the scariest thing he had ever seen.

He slowly backed away from the door, and slunk back to Mia. "We need a plan," he whispered. He looked around the kitchen, and found a perfect weapon of self defense... a rawhide stick. He picked it up and handed it to Mia. She shoved it back at him. They stared each other down waiting for the other to take the lead. Bang, bang, bang! Came from the back door. They both jumped and turned in terror.

They looked at each other, and with a nod decided to act. They picked up the rawhide, together and ran full speed at the door. They crashed through the door, leaving a huge hole in their wake. They turned to face the intruder. Its shadow covered them. They ran forward to gain the advantage. Suddenly they were lifted from the ground. Entangled in vines and leaves and being poked by tiny spears.

It had truly happened! They had been warned by many and they scoffed at the idea. They now knew that life would never be the same. Out of the shadows, they could now see the evil attacker. It smiled an evil smile at them as it held them high in the air.

It was..... the pumpkin patch! It had taken over the yard and now had its eye on the house. Mia and Bazinga had to do something. They found a way to break free and get back into the house. The pumpkin patch extended a leafy vine in through the hole in the door.

There was but one thing to do. Bazinga, as a diversion, barked ferociously at the intruder. Mia, quietly and sneakily, snuck back over to the door. She took a deep breath, looked back at Bazinga, and stepped toward the gangly arm. She then, rubbed up against it, leaving behind a smothering layer of clingy fur. The pumpkin vine recoiled in disgust. It started coughing and choking. It pulled back out of the house. Bravely, Mia went out after it. She ran thru the patch and left her fur flying throughout the monstrous plant. Bazinga close behind barked and growled until finally the patch returned to the garden and promised never to stretch beyond it again.

Proud of their brave accomplishment, Mia and Bazinga went back into the house. They knew they had just saved the world. They needed a nap!

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