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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Nothing Interesting

I have had a bit of writer's block lately. Not that I think of myself as a writer, maybe I should call it blogger's block. I haven't done anything interesting lately, so I have nothing interesting to talk about.

The super hot weather has me longing for a grand thunderstorm. Not a destructive one in anyway, we've seen too many of those this year, but a good old NOISY one. The kind that makes Mia jump out of her skin and makes Bazinga cower under the bed.

I would love to just hear the rain pounding on the roof and watch the lightening streak haphazardly through the night sky, back lighting the silhouettes of the trees blowing back and forth. It is just so early in the summer for it to be 100 degrees. I think I just want the storm to break up the monotony of the sameness of the days. I want something different to focus on and the uncertainty of the storm.

Not that I want uncertainty in my life, I'm kind of tired of that.  I would really like a little certainty when it comes to money. I'm kind of tired of the whole paycheck to paycheck thing. I want so bad to be able to help my son and daughter with their weddings. Things will work out, though, somehow, they always do. Just have to keep the faith.

Chance of storms tonight, maybe it will be cooler tomorrow.

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