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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Think... think..... think.....

I feel a bit like Winnie the Pooh right now. Remember how when he was trying to think of an idea, he would sit on a log, all crunched up. One arm folded into the other, with a hand next to his face. One finger tapping slowly on his temple as he said out loud, "Think, think, think....."

The blankness of the computer screen seems to be mocking me. "Ha, ha," it gleefully taunts. "You have no idea what words to put on here. You, my friend are a hack! Ha, ha..... hahaha...... HA! HA! HAHA HA!"

Stupid blank screen, I'll show you! I'll think of SOMETHING!

Think, think, think........

You will not win you evil, evil screen! I will conquer your emptiness. I will win!

Think, think, think.........

ARRRGGGGGHHHH! My brain hurts! I think I may have popped my last intelligent neuron. Intelligent thought may no longer be possible. I guess that means I have but one last recourse. If I can't form ideas or solve problems any more there is but one thing left for me to do. It is a scary and horrid thought. It makes me shudder to think of the possibility. Please, remember me for how I was and not for what I must become.

With no working neurons left. No hope for useful thinking, I must...... become....... ( I can barely stand the thought...) I must become........ (oh, I feel so nauseous...).

But lets face it, there is only one thing for the fried brained person to do..... I must become..... A..... Politician! There I said it! The only place for a person who can not come up with fresh ideas. The only place for someone who is incapable of intelligent thought. Politics. I can't believe it has come to this.

Oh, wait, what is that I feel? Something sparking in my head. Could it be.... YES! It turns out I still have one neuron left! I'm saved! No politics for me! Having one working neuron makes me OVER QUALIFIED! Phew..... That was a close one!

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