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Friday, June 24, 2011

A Medium? Drink

The pic is old, but I thought it worked
Do you remember, way back in the day, when you would go to a fast food restaurant and order a medium drink and it was 16 ounces? A small was 12 ounces and a large was 20. I ordered a medium ice tea at Wendy's today for lunch, and it was huge. I can't say it was 32 ounces, but I know it was bigger than 20. Thank goodness I didn't order a large. I wouldn't sleep for days!

When did medium become super sized? For goodness sakes, we can get free refills, why do we have to have cups big enough for Bazinga to swim in? By the time you get a super sized cup Kahlen could swim in it. No need to  buy a kiddie pool, just go to Mac Shack and get a combo meal.

Have you noticed too, that as serving sizes exploded at the fast food shops, clothing sizes for teen girls have gotten smaller and smaller. You go to a Target and look at the T-shirts in their equivalent of a juniors department, and a small would almost fit Kahlen. She could wear it while swimming in her super sized kiddie pool. Hopefully, by the time she is a teenage girl the sanity will return and small drinks will fit in a cup holder and small T-shirts will fit 14 year old girls.


  1. OH MY GOSH! Jeremy and I comment on this ALL the time! If you order a large drink somewhere you have to use 2 hands to hold it!

    I also totally agree on the clothing size thing! Small is now equivalent to 3T I think ;)

  2. Is it any wonder there is a childhood obesity epidemic! How can kids even begin to learn proper serving sizes. There is only so much a parent can control. They go to the mall with their friends, they go to the movies, it is everywhere. It is insane!

  3. i remember that from an (otherwise wonderful) vacation on florida some years back, the ridiculous portions. the stupidity on many levels, either you eat it all or you throw it away, the maddening waste.

    and the thing about sizes, as you say, what's up with that?! the food portions are still *normal* in sweden/europe, but the sizes are getting smaller. these past ten years the sizes have changed substantially in clothes. what once was medium is now equivalent to extra small etc. it's a mad mad world...

  4. ps i think you might have seen the future, with the date on photo being 10/12 2098 and all...;) ds

  5. My Camera is very clairvoyant, it quite often sees into the future... My time machine however keeps going on the fritz