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Monday, June 20, 2011

A Dog's Life

Ah, summertime and the liven is easy! Whoever came up with the saying "it's a dog's life," referring to a hard life, never had a Bazinga. If anything in this world ever had an easier life, it would have to be a cat.

Bazinga, I'm sure, would argue the point with me. He works very hard barking at shadows and chasing down bugs. He has to spend a lot of time manicuring the lawn by eating clover blossoms and dandelion puffs. They are crafty creatures, too. He must sneak up on them slowly and slyly and then pounce without warning. Otherwise the sneaky little flowers will surely escape.

He also has found that we are severely lacking in proper holes in the yard. He has no time for it but dig he must. How will we ever prove the existence of China if he never gets there. The archaeologist in him cannot give in to failure. He just needs to make sure to make that right turn at Albuquerque. Bugs Bunny always seems to miss that one. When he does it tends to get him into trouble. Bazinga is smarter though, Bazinga has google maps.

Summer is such a busy time for Bazinga. So many birds to be hunted down and chased from the yard. They are his main distraction. Those and the squirrels. Both have yet to accept the fact that he is a ruthless hunter that will teach them a lesson or two. One day, he will catch one, though. That is the day they will bow down to his mightiness! They will know his wrath and rue the day they ever heard the name Bazinga! Just you wait and see!

Among his many jobs he must take me on several walks a day, he knows I need my exercise. There are many dangers out there, from which he must protect me. There are cars, and the people they spit out. There are light posts and more of those evil, evil shadows. Mostly though, there are the other dogs that must learn that he is the king of them all. Despite the dangers, he knows that if he doesn't get me out into the fresh air that I get crabby. He'd rather deal with the dangers, at least he can get away from those.

Finally, there are the car rides. The wonderful, exciting car rides. There is nothing better than having the wind combing through his hair. The smells, oh the smells! So, many to to take in, so many to discover. Information overload takes hold. The brain shuts down and all that is left is to just experience the ride. Feel the movement, and the air. Give in to the encounter. He does love a long car ride.

Finally, the day light gives way to dusk. The mighty Bazinga  retires to the confines of his house. He still has to chase the cat around, she definitely needs HER exercise. Then, finally, he gets to rest. The long summer day over. Another just a sunrise away.

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  1. awww, love the riding of the car pic! and how busy it is for a dog, it's the same for little loaf over here, at the other side of the big pond, the excercising, the guarding, the chasing, a tad of the digging. add the licking of plates.