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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Plentiful Sunshine

 I looked at the weather forecast yesterday, and the words "plentiful sunshine" were used for today. Plentiful...... Sunshine...... could you find two words that go better together?

Plentiful... Is there anything you can put that word in front of that it doesn't sound good? Plentiful money, plentiful hugs, plentiful chocolate, all sound good to me. It is even a fun word to say, p-l-e-n-t-i-f-u-l.

Sunshine... well, who is going to argue with that? This spring and early summer have been so full of gloomy, rainy, gray and dreary days, the word sunshine seems almost magical, even surreal. Having a beautiful, sunshiny day almost makes a person want to break into song. I won't though, I promise. My friends from Walgreens could tell you how painful that can be.

To celebrate our rare abundance of plentiful sunshine, Bazinga and I got into the car and headed out. No exact plan in mind we drove toward Danville. We saw a sign for Heron Park Boardwalk and decided that sounded like a good place to go.

Heron Park is a county park in Vermilion county on the north side of Danville. It is a wetlands preserve. This, in Danville, who knew?

 Bazinga and I took our time walking around on the boardwalk. I was busy taking pictures, which seemed to frustrate him. He wanted to roam and smell and keep moving. I kept stopping and ruining his good time. He ended up hot and thirsty and I had forgot to bring his water bottle. As a result, Bazinga decided that jumping off of the boardwalk into the water, sounded like a marvelous idea. I caught him just before splash down, only the back feet got wet.

After his attempted suicide, Bazinga wanted to rest for a little while and settled down under a bench. I found it necessary to keep a little more of an eye on him, and kept his leash a little shorter.
 It wasn't a huge park, and we had most of it to ourselves. Wednesday mornings are a good time to go to such places. They are usually a little quieter, a little calmer.

We could hear a chorus of bull frogs calling out to each other. We saw bumble bees gathering pollen, dragonflies, um, multiplying. We even heard a large fish jump from the water. Didn't see it though.

By the time we were done with our walk, Bazinga was very hot and very thirsty. Apparently, even little white dogs get over heated. I figured it was time to go home. As we were pulling out of the parking lot I saw a sign for a nature trail across the street. Will have to return on another plentiful sunshine day, with water bottle in hand, and explore that.

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