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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!!

On this Father's Day I want to pay tribute to the most important fathers in my life. First, of course, is my father. He is the man who taught me what it is to be a parent. He showed me that expecting children to behave can be done in a thoughtful, caring, loving way. He taught me to be an honest, respectful person. His kindness and gentleness was always evident even when he was scolding me for doing something bad. He never made me feel like I was a bad child, but let me know when I did something unacceptable. He knew how to draw that line. He was a buffer between me and my mom. When she was in a "mood" he would suddenly have to go to the grocery store, and let me go with him.  He always made me feel important, he listened as I babbled on and on as a child. He is my constant, my rock, my hero! I love you, Dad.

Next, Willie. Willie works hard, very hard. He has always had schedules that were unpredictable and had to work many, many evenings. Even with that, he always tried very hard to be there for the kids' concerts, ballgames and track meets. He didn't get to all of them but he enjoyed being there when he did. He loves his children with his entire being and is very proud of each of them. He is a loving man who has taught his children how to love. He was the strength that got us through some tough times and kept me from running screaming. He is the love of my life, and I can't think of a better father for my children or grandpa for Kahlen.

Finally, Shane. He had a rocky start with this whole daddy thing. Personally, I think most men do. He has definitely come out of it though. He has turned into a loving daddy who Kahlen worships. He is still learning and growing as a parent, and has come so far! I'm very proud him! He and Alyssa have started raising a beautiful, happy and loving little girl. The adventure of parenting still mostly ahead of them, they are doing great! Taking each day as it comes. They are doing a wonderful job raising my first grandchild!

So, happy Father's Day to the most important fathers I know!

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