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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

Willie doesn't even know what it is
Ok, first, before we get to the pumpkin patch, does anyone know what the heck this is?

I don't think I have ever seen anything like it. It doesn't look like it is going to bloom. It almost looks like a deformed pepper or some sort of thing like that. I just found it in one of our gardens today. It looks like a long white pepper with a long green beak or something. If you happen to have any idea what it is, please post a comment. If it happens to be poisonous,  please, especially let me know. I'm baby sitting two kids, have Bazinga, and of course when Kahlen comes to visit, to think about.
This is one plant.

Anyway, back to the pumpkin patch. Alyssa is getting married in September. She plans on using fall colors and fall things to decorate. She talked about using miniature pumpkins as part of it. With this in mind, I thought to my self, I'll try planting a small miniature pumpkin patch. A $1 package of seeds is a lot cheaper than a dollar a pumpkin or what ever they are going to go for this fall.

A small pumpkin patch, that was the goal.  I got seeds for both white and orange pumpkins, all miniature ones. I planted a row of seeds that I had started inside in March, and I planted a package each of seeds for both colors. I figured that starting some ahead of time would insure that I would have some that would be ready at the right time.
Bazinga and the pumpkin monster

What I didn't count on was how big the plants would get. Silly me, I thought little pumpkins, little plants.  I seem to be growing the pumpkin patch that took over the world! As you can see one leaf is bigger than Bazinga. I'm starting to have fears that it will soon it will rise up, look me in the eye and in a deep booming voice that rivals that of the devil himself, demand, "FEED ME!" You all know that movie.

We set up two trellises for the plants to grow up on to, I think, perhaps, I have heard them snickering at me about that. I think their plan is to take over the entire yard, starting with my herbs, peppers and tomatoes.  The one year I actually get peppers to grow and they are going to be eaten by  pumpkin patch gremlins! I should start taking daily pictures of the patch, because it is growing so fast, I swear it is twice as big every morning when I go out. I'm starting to fear that I will have enough pumpkins to bury the town of Rossville.

Can they run you out of town if your pumpkin patch starts to eat all of the dogs in the neighborhood? I just hope Linus and Sally don't show up. Charlie Brown will never find them again. They will be DOOMED!

The good news, there are blossoms! Hopefully, that means there will be pumpkins for the wedding, if Alyssa still wants them. She better still want them. If she doesn't she is going to be living off of pumpkin soup for the next 5 years!

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