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Friday, April 8, 2011

Open Letter to All of Congress

Dear Representatives,

This budget thing is a mess! It is time to blur political lines and get something done! I am so tired of seeing congress play games at the expense of American families. And not paying our military personal is UNACCEPTABLE! They are fighting for the freedoms that make your power and position possible. They are putting their lives on the line for all of us, including YOU! If they are not going to be paid, if their families are going to suffer because CONGRESS cannot get off your high horses and make a budget then I say CONGRESS must go to the middle east and fight! After all CONGRESS is still going to be getting PAID! Go figure!

I pay my taxes to KEEP GOVERNMENT GOING! I pay my taxes to help PAY the men and women that are SACRIFICING for me! They don't have trust funds and investments and the many other financial resources that most members of congress have to keep their bills paid. Most make it paycheck to paycheck. Not paying them is inconceivable!

If congress were paid on the basis of performance it would not have made a single cent in the past 10 YEARS! Yet, congress gets paid no matter what, because congress makes the laws. INFURIATING!

EARN THE MONEY WE PAY YOU! GET THIS DONE! Or go to the middle east and fight!  MAKE A BUDGET! Stop being the worthless drains on the American budget of the past and be a congress that can GET SOMETHING DONE! It is no wonder, people like me, have basically given up on the whole political process. It is time to represent the AMERICAN PEOPLE! Not the deep pockets that got you in office! It is time to GROW UP and stop fighting like six year old siblings fighting over a drumstick! I am so sick of it all!

I don't want to hear any more excuses! Just get it DONE! If military families don't get paid, neither should YOU!


Rebecca Berry

New information, CNN reports that DEATH BENEFITS FOR FALLEN SOLDIERS not to be paid during shut down! UNACCEPTABLE! UNBELIEVABLE!

I can't even imagine being the parent of a fallen soldier and not being able to give him or her a decent funeral because the federal government can't do the job they are still going to be paid to do. It makes me cry to just think of it.  Grieving parents, a child who has given all for country,  no money for a  funeral, and our congress still get paid.

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