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Monday, April 11, 2011

The Birds Know Mia

We have a tulip tree in our yard that we have been looking forward to seeing in bloom. For days we have been watching its buds swell bigger and fuller. Yesterday, we had very windy day, followed by some pretty crazy strong storms last night. We saw a lot of the buds flying away, so we weren't sure we would get to see it in full bloom.

This morning I woke to happily see this outside my bedroom window. I have never had a tulip tree before. I have always loved the color and thought the trees were beautiful in full bloom.

I was not the only one who was admiring the view outside the window today. Mia was thrilled to have the windows open and the cool breeze coming in. She has her own way of doing everything. As far as cats go, she doesn't act like a cat. Maybe that is because she was raised by a dog, that was raised by a cat. She is a happy soul, and very kind hearted for a cat, probably because she also is not a smart cat.

She watched the birds and chattered at them. I suppose she was telling them that they were lucky she was behind the screen or else she would be eating them. This does not tend to fool the birds, though. When we had a fence we would let Mia out to bask in the sun and chase bugs. Quite often she would "stalk" the birds in the yard. She would "hide" in the grass. (Now, the fact that she thinks she can hide in the grass, is all the statement you need, to know how bright she is. I mean look at her. She is not a small cat.) The birds, they knew her, and they knew she was pretty stupid, not to mention a coward.
The birds knew exactly how to exasperate her. She would start her stalk routine while they were in the yard. She would hunker down. Her massive bottom wiggling as she set herself for her coming sprint. The bird would eye her, but not budge. Mia, would wiggle more, getting her feet into just the right position. The bird would turn to Mia and look her straight on. Her bottom now going up and down as she shifted back and forth on her hind legs, deciding which foot was better to propel her forward at the speed of light. If birds could sit cross legged and yawn, the bird would be doing that now.

Mia now ready, starts her sprint, but then stops, and hunkers back down. She thinks the bird may have seen her. Perhaps, her first clue, the bird is now rolling on the ground laughing at her. "Clever bird," she thinks to herself in her tiny little brain. "You enjoy your last laugh, soon you will be my lunch." But then she is distracted, she tries to figure out just what the clever bird is laughing at. She sits up and looks around, and sees a butterfly. She starts chasing the butterfly and then remembers the arch enemy bird is still laughing. She quickly hunkers down again. "Oh, silly bird, keep laughing at the little butterfly, as it will be your doom!" In stealth mode, Mia slinks toward the bird, the grass her camouflage. The bird stops laughing and stands up. Mia sprints into full speed and runs across the yard. The bird, not flinching holds its ground. Mia, (who moves pretty darn quick for a big girl,) gets within five feet of the bird..... and stops, dead in her tracks. Mia has never been any closer than five feet to a bird, and they know that. Mia, sits up and looks at the bird. She is very confused, why was the bird not terrified by the mighty huntress? She sits perplexed and looks at the bird.

The bird, about to burst at the seams, slowly flies up and sits on the fence. Mia bursts into action, and stops, about five feet from the fence. The bird flies slowly, and calmly three feet down the fence. Mia, bursts, stops, bird flies three more feet. This can continue for hours. The birds know Mia.

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