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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Live and Learn

On the "You learn something new everyday" front, this is what I learned today.....

1. I have been paying way too much for my toothpaste at Pamida. I have suspected this. The last two times I bought toothpaste I bought it at Pamida. We have just recently changed the kind of toothpaste we get. So, when it was over five dollars for a medium sized tube, I thought it might be the change, but wasn't sure. I went to Target in Champaign today, and even though I didn't need it, went to the toothpaste isle. A large tube was just over four dollars. I got two, Champaign is a long way to go for toothpaste.

2. Caffeine and menopause don't mix. I love ice tea. I drink quite a lot of it. The last couple of days I have been at home all day, without any caffeinated beverages. My hot flashes were a lot less severe. Today, I went to Panera for lunch and had ice tea. After that the hot flashes wouldn't stop. Makes me sad. I really love ice tea, but will try going without for a while to see if anything changes. Oh, yeah, the caffeine isn't so good on the mood swings either. Just saying.

3. Mia, while she may never win a beauty contest, or be accused of having any wits about her, is the best behaved cat I have every had! We have one of those automatic scooping litter pans. It is supposed to scoop the litter every time she uses it. It usually works great, helps keep the smell down and keeps the litter pretty clean. It also has a counter on it so you have a good idea when to change it. Mia usually needs it changed around 35 to 40. Yesterday, I noticed an aroma. I went to check the litter box and saw the light blinking and it was on 29. If the light is blinking it means the cat just used it. I figured the aroma was because she just used it. Today, I went to fill her food bowl and noticed the light blinking again, and it was still on 29. This is not a good sign. I looked in the box and it was DISGUSTING. The scooper thing was stuck, and I had no idea how long it had been stuck. Despite the foulness of the pan, Mia had not made any messes anywhere else. Any other cat would have revolted and probably peed on our bed. Mia is a really awesome cat.

This is what I combed off of Mia yesterday. 
4. We all know Mia sheds like no other. She is a poof cat, no not a puffy cat, a poof cat. You look at her just right and her fur will poof off of her like a porcupine throwing its spikes. (Ok, I don't really know if porcupines "throw" their spikes, but you get the idea.) Most cats, that I have ever had, when you pet them, the fur they shed congregates down by their tails. Mia's just flies everywhere. Anything she sleeps on will be plastered with her fur. She sleeps on our bed - A LOT! This leads me to the last thing I learned today. Never ever wash Willie's good black work pants with our sheets, unless you like washing things twice. I think that your imagination can finish explaining this.

Yup, you learn something new every day.

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