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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Basement Door

 To the untrained eye this may look like an ordinary, functional but boring basement door. Tragically, we have all been misled all these years. I have come to find out that there is a secret, little known truth about the so called basement door. All this time we have been led to believe that this is merely an entrance to to the lowest level of the house. Ours is an unfinished basement. It has 3 rooms, plus one scary room. I haven't ventured more than a head peak in there. I may get brave sometime this summer, but thats another story.
Bazinga and Mia have let me in on the unknown truth of the basement door. Bazinga's version is that it is a gateway to a horrifying place full of danger and mystery. It is a place to be avoided at all costs! One of our backdoors also leads to the basement. I made the mistake of bringing Bazinga into the house through that door. He let me know, in no uncertain terms, how very unacceptable this was! He squirmed and shook and whimpered until I got him back into the kitchen. Apparently, and I had forgotten this from when I was a child, the basement is full of ferocious monsters ready to eat little white puppies in one big gulp!

Mia, on the other hand thinks that it is a portal to a wonderful universe, devoid of little white puppies. I kind of think that perhaps she is the one that told Bazinga about the evil monsters the lurk at the bottom of the stairs.

Mia, believes that at the bottom of the stairs is the worlds biggest litter pan. It always smells of lilacs and roses. It never gets dirty. On the beach of this magical litter pan is a treasure trove of her favorite cat food and cans and cans of tuna! She also knows that there is an abundance of pork chops and baked chicken just waiting for her to find.

There is always someone to sit on, always someone to comb her and always fresh catnip toys to play with to her hearts desire. And the sunshine, oh the sunshine! Plenty  to bask in and roll around in. What a beautiful place it must be!

When I come up from the basement I am always greeted by Bazinga and Mia. Bazinga making sure that I have not been eaten and that I am not being followed by the evil evil monsters. Mia trying to bolt past me to get to the magical wonderland that she knows is down there.

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