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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Garden Time

 I was out in the yard this morning waiting for Bazinga to do his thing. The light was so beautiful. I couldn't resist going in and getting my camera again.

Later in the day I saw a post that my daughter had put on Facebook. It was a link to story on The Onion. It basically said that if you haven't reached your potential (for everything) by the age of 38 you never will. So, if you haven't gotten that dream job, you never will. If you have not met and married your one true love, you never will.
Now, it seems I was a bit slow and that it was all fake. But until I found that out it was making me really angry! It reminded me of the sixties when the saying was "never trust anyone over thirty." Made me want to go and ground what ever little piece of poop youngin' wrote the silly article.
 Why, was it making me so angry, you may ask? Because... I am still hoping to find that one job that I love, and that I will be great doing. I have a long lost, high school hope that it may involve photography in some form. I don't have the perfect camera, but I have definitely re-found my love of photography.
So, having some "study" tell me it will never happen was (excuse me) pissing me off!!!!! Ok, yeah, I felt a little stupid when I found out it was fake. I'm still a little perturbed though that someone thought 38 was old enough to be hopeless, even as a joke. After all, how old are all of the 25 year old's that ran around preaching to distrust anyone over 30? Hmmm, older than me. The author of that very "clever" article, will be 38 one day, I just hope some kid writer shoves the article in his or her face. I hope there are a lot of camera's around when it happens.

Anyway, these days, I find that if I don't have my camera with me I feel almost naked. I look around and see the pictures I am missing. The sunsets that got away, the clouds formations left behind. Just wish I had a camera with better resolution. At this point though, I am just taking them for my own pleasure and for this blog, so mine will do.

And I'm not letting anyone tell me I can't do it! NA NA NA NA BOO BOO!

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