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Friday, April 22, 2011

Josh and Caitlin Day Two

No specific plans in place day two of Josh and Caitlin's visit started out uneventfully. I got up and decided to make cinnamon  rolls for breakfast. Seems like a simple idea, I've made them before, they turned out ok despite a boo boo here and there. I started making them but when I had the dough all mixed together it was very runny for bread dough. I looked at it, I looked at the box, and looked at the dough again. I picked up the box and reread the directions. Turns out, I put a half a cup too much water in it. No wonder it was all runny. I figured it was already ruined so I had two choices, I could throw it out or I could try to fix it. I decided to throw more flour in it until it got firm enough. The worst that could happen is that it would come out gross. 2/3's of a cup of flour later the flour seemed stiff enough and I followed the rest of the directions. Believe it or not they turned out great!

After breakfast we tried to decide what to do with the rest of our day. We finally chose to go to the Indianapolis Zoo. We got in the car and headed on our way. We stopped at a welcome center in Indiana and picked up some pamphlets for some other ideas and were on our way again.

Ninety miles and an hour and a half later we got to Indianapolis. Traffic was awful due to a lot of construction. We made our way through it and finally got to the zoo. It was three o'clock and we figured if they closed at six or so we would have time to enjoy the zoo and then get supper. We walked up to the gate and couldn't figure out where to pay. All of the gates were closed. There were plenty of cars in the lot, the zoo wasn't closed. We looked around and found the hours, the zoo was closing at four. We decided that an hour at the zoo wasn't worth the forty-five dollars it would have cost to get in.

We got back in the car and headed toward downtown. We figured we'd find something to do down there. We saw a sign for the USS Indianapolis and decided to go there. We followed the signs making several turns until we ran out of signs, but never found a boat. I don't really know how we could have missed it, boats are pretty good sized and all, but we did.

We decided to just park the car and then see what we could find. The only place we could find to park was at a meter. We only had enough change for a half an hour. We set off to find something to buy so we could get change. We found a post office, I figured I could by a stamp and then get some change. We walked into the post office and the line was ridiculous. We left and wandered for a while. We finally found a Phillips 66 station and bought some pop and got our change. We got back to the car just as the meter was about run out.

Josh decided he was hungry. We got into the car and figured we would find a restaurant. This did not work out well for us. Finally we gave up and decided to go back toward home and eat at The Beef House in Covington, Indiana, about twenty minutes from my house. All in all, the lack of planning did us in. If we'd decided the night before we could have left earlier and been sure to make up for the time change. We spent about three hours in the car for a half hour walk around downtown Indy looking for change. Change that we ended up never using, it is still in my car. Maybe not the best adventure in the world but it was fun anyway.

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