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Friday, April 29, 2011

Crayons and Rakes

 After a week in Des Moines spent mostly at the VA hospital hoping for the best with my dad, he got to go home. Which meant I, too, needed to go home. Happily, for Willie and me, I got to bring Kahlen home with me. Her babysitter had a baby of her own on Tuesday, so I get to help fill in the gap.

We came home yesterday. Somehow, Kahlen slept for four hours of the drive this time. That made the trip go quite a bit faster. When we got here, Kahlen went running through the house calling Papa! Papa! Grandpa maybe changing to a Papa. Only time will tell. He wasn't here yet so she had to wait patiently. Once footsteps were heard on the back deck, excitement ensued. Hugs were to be had by all! Playtime was mandatory.

After a little bit of a bumpy night, Kahlen started a very busy day. First up, The rearranging of the cupboards. Her exasperation evident when she opened the door and found that her careful organization had been left in disarray by myself and Grandpa. All of her hard work had been ruined and she had to do it all over again! Heaven to Betsy! How will she ever get us trained properly!

Next on the agenda, some serious coloring. All of the crayons needed to be dumped from the box so careful examination could be done. If the wrong color was chosen for her masterpiece, the whole process would be for not, and the day would be left in ruin.

Now, it seems that Bazinga found a wonderful use for brightly colored wax sticks as well. As Kahlen and I were busy with other pressing projects Bazinga had been busy stealing crayons. Who knew that they were so tasty. Tomorrow's trip outside could produce another colorful masterpiece, as Bazinga ate about six crayons.

As a break from her hard work we took a long walk in the stroller to the park. Swings were swung and slides were slid upon. Time slipped by much too quickly and soon it was time to go home and get back to work.

Grandpa needed help in the yard. What a mess it was! Kahlen had to spend much too much time showing Grandpa the proper way to use a rake.
She wonders just how we even begin to survive with out her. We just don't have the skills to make it on our own. It's a good thing she can make the trip out here once in a while to get things straightened up for us.

She worries about us though. It concerns her that we can't seem to maintain her improvements. Why we don't understand that tomato paste belongs under the couch cushions is beyond baffling. Perhaps this time she will help us understand the simplicity of her ingenious system.  Maybe she needs a label maker. She will have to check to see if it will fit into the budget.

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