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Friday, April 1, 2011

Bazinga Gets a New Look

So, I was looking at Bazinga today and he was filthy and dirty and no longer the pure white little puppy I brought home. I figured since he was halfway there anyway, why not dye his hair black? A black Maltese, who else would have one? I could make a fortune!

Bazinga, was not excited about the idea. When I told him what was about to happen he ran and hid. Mia, my ever faithful snitch led me right to his hiding place. He begged and begged to be left white. "What will the other pups say?" He whimpered at me as we went to get the towels and hair dye.

"Don't worry," I reassured him. "I am going to use the expensive dye, not the cheap kind that will make you look like a freak." I went to the cupboard and got the box of dye, Bazinga shivered in terror. I put him in the bath tub and opened the dye. I mixed it up as he whimpered helplessly.

As I applied the dye Mia watched with an ever so pleased look upon her cat face. She giggled as only a cat can giggle. She taunted and teased Bazinga, she was very enthralled with the entire process.

I rinsed the excess dye from his fur at the appropriate time. He thought to himself, "well at least it is over." Then I pulled out the highlight packet. "Oh, my dear Lord," he mumbled under his breath. Mia, was now rolling on the floor.

The highlights applied we again waited the appropriate amount of time. Bazinga thoroughly mortified sat in the tub, head hanging low, eyes looking down. "Cheer up," I said, "now your tear stains won't show."

Mia, meanwhile, walked around the edge of the tub, brushing up against me in delight. Looking down upon the pathetic little beast that has made her life a complete lesson in terror. She was thrilled to see him getting his come-up-ins. That is until she slipped and fell into the wet dye stained bath tub. Now it was Bazinga's time to laugh. Mia jumped from the tub, stained with the black dye on her white fur. She snorted and crawled on to a towel and moped. Her whole day ruined.

Time up, we removed the foil from the highlights and rinsed Bazinga's fur. He looked at himself in the mirror. First frightened by the black dog with perfect highlights that he saw, he barked loudly and ferociously. Mia, jumped to her feet and then laughed again. "Stupid dog," she hissed.

Once he realized it was just his reflection, Bazinga studied his new do. The deep black color, contrasting with the carefully placed highlights glistening in the sun that came through the window. "Not bad," he said to himself, "not bad at all." He admired his new look. Soon he was thrilled with it and decided to chase Mia around the house in celebration.

Mia, her day completely ruined, ran off and hid. Humiliated with the black stains all over her, she was not seen again for the rest of the day. And I realized, I spend way too much time with just Bazinga and Mia.
What do you think of the new look?

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