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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Kahlen Post

 As you already know, I live for my time with Kahlen. She's like a tonic, she invigorates, she illuminates, and she gives purpose to an otherwise dreary period in my life. She's my best bud!

We got to have her for a few days this past weekend. It was, of course, wonderful! She is growing and changing so much! She listens and understands what you are saying. She will do things that you ask her to do, if she wants to that is. And the words, the words are coming so quickly now. I'm starting to be able to catch the words as the come flying at me. She is turning into such a little girl. No longer the crying blob of poo that we swaddled so carefully 18 months ago. Now, an ever more articulate little girl with many things to do.

She spends much of her day just learning. Not in a formal, school way, but in a hectic, frenzied, toddler way. She bebops from one "project" to another. She concentrates hard on each project, getting each just right before she moves on to the next. Her understanding deepening with each task she accomplishes. 

She planted seeds with Grandpa the other day. She was so excited, not that she was planting something, but that she got to play with dirt! Now, Grandpa gets a little girlie when it comes to getting dirty. Instead of picking up the dirt and putting it in the planter with his hands he used a little fork. Kahlen did the same. It turns out that she too is a little fussy about getting dirty. Must of got that from Grandpa. 

This fussiness does not extend to food, however. This does not go over well with Grandpa. I quite often have to remind him that it is just food, not a catastrophe. (I know this for a fact from when I tried to apply for disaster aid after the syrup emergency as told in a previous blog.)

She loves to dip her food, french toast in syrup, apples in caramel sauce, chicken nuggets in anything. She is actually quite an adept dipper. She dip, dip, dip, dip, dips, waits for most of the extra to fall off and then eats. That is until she realizes that caramel tastes just as good on fingers as it does on apples. Again, not something that Grandpa is thrilled with, but he lives through it. I actually kind of like it, he keeps her pretty clean while she eats, makes it easier on me.

I don't mind a good mess. I figure for the most part it will clean up. As long as it is not toxic, it isn't going to kill anyone. And the aftermath can make for some cute pictures.

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