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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Willie Gets to Go Home, Finally

Eating ketchup with her spoon.
Willie has not had many chances to go home since we got moved into the house. We have tried many times but the weather would not cooperate. Blizzards always seemed to barge their way into our plans and ruin everything. So, when I was going to go get Kahlen this time, and it worked out that he had two days off, he decided to come with me. It was the first time he had been back since January, and that time was abruptly cut short do to lousy weather. This time we got to stay.

The weather still uncooperative, we got into Altoona as the tornado sirens were blaring. We turned on the radio and there was a tornado on the ground west of Des Moines. We were on the east side, no worries. Willie wanted to stop by the old house and as we were driving by our next door neighbor was out listening to the sirens. (Here's the thing you need to know about Iowans, when the tornado sirens go off, instead of taking shelter, we tend to go outside to watch the sky. ) We took Bazinga to his back yard so he could do what dogs do, and talked for a little while.

Breakfast with Kahlen
We spent the rest of the evening with Josh and Caitlin eating pizza and watching the movie Due Date. That was a strange, but fun little movie.  Bazinga, who is starting to get man urges, chased after poor Talula all evening.

We got up to Ames around ten or so, talked to Valerie for a little while and then off to bed.

The next day we spent the day wandering around Hobby Lobby with Valerie. I dreamed of the things I wanted to get, but that would have to wait for another day. We went to the grocery store, Valerie got stuff for chili for supper that night. Then it was time.....

We dropped Valerie back off at her apartment. We left, to go get, KAHLEN! We had been anxiously awaiting three o'clock so we could go get her.
 We picked up Kahlen at her baby sitter's house. She was giggling at the door as we pulled up. Grandpa got out of the car and she started squealing with delight! I don't know who was happier to see who.

As we got her into her car seat another parent came to pick up their child. In an "It's a Small World" moment we realized it was one of Willie's best friends from his old store. They were excited to see each other, and surprised that the girls went to the same babysitter.  

We stopped by to see Shane for a little while before he went to work. He has a new job that he has mixed emotions about, great pay but lousy hours, very hard to balance family and work. He has gotten to spend a lot of time with Kahlen lately and hates having to give that up. 

We went and helped Josh move his tool box to his new garage, and then we all went up to Valerie's. Alyssa and Caitlin each came up after work. Willie got to meet Valerie's new boyfriend, Joel, and I think all had a good time.  I know Willie was in Heaven. 

The next morning we packed up to leave. Kahlen was coming with us. This would be the first time ever that I wasn't taking her on the 400 mile trip all by myself. I was excited! I don't think Willie was quite ready to leave, but work beckoned. On the way out of town we stopped by Willie's old store, where he got to play Proud Grandpa. He was welcomed as a returning hero, and talked to lots of people. I think we ended up staying there at least an hour. 

The visit home much too short, on the road we went. 

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