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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Gramma Needs a New Camera

Valerie got me a camera for Mother's Day a couple of years ago just before Kahlen was born. I like the camera a lot. It is a small Kodak camera, it fits in my pocket, I can take it anywhere. I love all of that. I have used the camera extensively. I don't want to replace my little camera, but would love to have one that has more creative control. I wish I could have been able to zoom in more on the variations of color caused by the rain on this tree. I thought they were fascinating.

My hope is to one day get a new Nikon 35 mm SLR digital camera. Are they still called SLR? I never thought I would like a digital camera. I have to admit that the instant gratification of the digital camera has won me over. I'm not the most patient person.

I would love to have more control of depth of field and focus especially. I was looking out my window today and saw a tree branch with water droplets hanging on to its buds. I wanted a picture of it. I tried and tried, but my little camera just wasn't made to get in close. It also wanted to focus on things that I really did not want to focus on. It made me sad. I loved the little droplets and the way the light hit them. This picture was the best I could get.

I did get one picture that made me happy though. I was raking the stinky ginkgo fruit and the probably two years worth of leaves outside the back door yesterday when I found these. The leaf debris had left them starved for sunshine. I believe them to be daffodils. I can't wait to find out for sure. We have found other patches of plants that are growing up through the leaves and pine needles. It has been exciting. Not just finding the plants, but because it means spring is really truly here.

The new camera will have to wait. Other things are more pressing. For some reason bills need to paid first, go figure. I will keep taking less then perfect pictures with my little camera. I will keep posting them here. Please, be kind when looking at my take of my little world. It is the only world I have right now, it makes me happy to share it.


  1. I cant wait for the crocuses to break through next month. I love spring. Great pictures :)

  2. I LOVE crocuses!!! They are the first flowers of spring, they always make me down right giddy when I see them. I plan on planting a bunch of them this fall!