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Saturday, March 19, 2011


Crocuses, I love them! They are the first flower that blooms every spring. Sometimes even pushing their way up through winter's last snow. They have always seemed to me to be the bravest of flowers.  They find their way through the snow and debris left over from fall. They ignore the elements as they search for the warmth of the sunshine. Once broken through, they open themselves up to the nourishing rays of the sun. They soak up every drop, until they can hold no more.

The life of a crocus bloom is a short one. Their heroic journey ends quickly and quietly. The delicate nature of the tiny bloom withers away in an instant. You have to be vigilant if you want to enjoy their beauty. You need to watch for them everyday. If you skip a day you will miss them, which would be a shame. I was so happy when we found these in our garden. We were lucky to find them still blooming.

Spring is here!

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