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Monday, March 7, 2011

Milkshakes and Shopping

 Kahlen and I decided to go shopping one day last week. We went to the "mall" in Danville and had a good time going from shop to shop. At first, Kahlen was not in the mood to hold hands as we went into the stores. I however thought that keeping her close was a better idea. The first store we went in she pulled away and would not let me hold her hand. I turned us around and told her that if she didn't she couldn't go into the store. She was willing to hold my hand out in the hallways, so I tried a different store. Again, she tried to pull away. We turned around and left the store once more. That must be when the diva in Kahlen came through. Suddenly shopping was more important than walking on her own. We went back in the store and she cooperated beautifully. 

We had a good time looking at all of the things we couldn't get. The pretty Easter dresses, the cute little shoes, and then there were the things for Kahlen, too. We drooled over the clearance coats and boots, but had to pass them by. Funding for our shopping trip was meager, but it was still better than sitting at home. We did end up buying a plate and a spoon and fork for Kahlen. They were very springy. They had butterflies and pink flamingos, very happy, very Kahlen. 

After our not so productive but fun shopping trip we were both hungry. We decided to go across the street to Steak n Shake. We waited for our turn to be seated and ordered our drinks, ice tea for me and chocolate milk for Kahlen. We had our lunch and decided to order ourselves a chocolate covered strawberry milkshake. MMMMMM it was delicious! We took turns drinking it. We both enjoyed it very much! Until......

Suddenly, there they were. the crazy eyes.  I'd seen them before. They are not the sign of good things to come.

Soon after the crazy eyes popped up the wiggles started. Kahlen started shimmying and shaking in her chair. She started pulling herself back and forth to the table. Yup, it was the sugar high. It was hitting hard and it was hitting fast. Life in the sugar high world moves like bald tires on an icy road, at the speed of light and unpredictably. It was time to leave. We got back in the car and went to take Grandpa some lunch. The drive consisted of loud singing and lots of giggles. The shoes and socks were ripped off of the feet.

We got to Grandpa's work and the sugar high had set in %100. She was ready to run. We went to the break room and Kahlen set to rearranging the chairs. This seemed to be just the ticket for the sugar high. She moved chairs all over the break room. She chatted with Grandpa, and whoever else would listen. She ran back and forth until the crazy eyes started to fade away, being replaced with the sugar crash cranks. This timed out perfectly with the end of Grandpa's lunch hour. We said goodbye to Grandpa and headed home. The drive home..... quiet, the sugar crash had set in %100.

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