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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Doors to Nowhere

I saw this on a walk with Bazinga. It baffled, confused and I must admit disturbed me a little. Was it bad planning? Was it a mistake? I assume that there used to be a fire escape involved. Where is it now? Who took it away and why? Is it an ominous sign?

Doors to nowhere.... What does it mean? If I go up in that building and open the door will it take me to a new dimension? An alternate reality? Perhaps on the other side of the door there is a looking glass. Is there a white rabbit waiting on the other side? Where would he take me? He'd probably just throw me back because my name is not Alice.

Do you suppose Mr. Spock could be on the other side to beckon me to come help the Enterprise save the world? Ah, flights of fancy, they are glorious things.

I wouldn't mind going to an alternate reality. Go somewhere and be brave and fight pirates, or battle Klingons to save the world. I would take the Enterprise and and pound on the Klingons until they cried uncle. I would show those Klingons who was boss and then make them do the dishes.

Perhaps I would be a damsel in "distress" that would kick the crap out of my captor and save my Prince Charming from the dragon myself. I would take that dragon by the tail, swing him in the air until he was dizzy. I would throw him through the door to nowhere, into the Spock reality where I would teach him to use his dragon breath to melt the Klingons ice cream which would make them cry! I would then whisk my Prince Charming away to my castle. We would live happily ever after because he would do the dishes.

Or Bazinga, Mia and I would go on grand adventures. We would chase down the mighty butterflies and ladybugs. Mia would be frightened of the scary flying things. Bazinga would save her by woofing at the mighty beasts as they fluttered away. Bazing would then show the mighty beasts what he would do to them if they come back by killing his mean and awful toy. Mia would follow me and Bazinga would follow her.... Wait that's not an alternate reality. The alternate reality would be when they would do the dishes.

I would love to be brave. Not to go and fight pirates and Klingons, but to try new things. To explore new options. Be able to find a way to make money in a way that I would enjoy. A way that would leave me open to even more possibilities. Where people don't yell at me. Where I'd control my own life and own destiny. I want to be brave and enjoy my new life. Be brave and start something new. I don't need to make lots of money. But it would be fun to to have enough money to hire someone to do the dishes.

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