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Tuesday, October 1, 2013


 September was a month from hell. I have no other way to to describe it. It was awful and long and I'm glad it's over.

Although, there was one beautiful and wonderful day toward the end of the horrid month. September 22, 2013, was a bright light in a month of gloom.

Noah William Berry was born! My third grandchild!!! He was 9 lbs 6oz. A big boy! 21 inches long. I still can't believe that little tiny Caitlin popped out a 9 pound 6 ounce baby! Despite his size, mom did great, and baby was healthy!

 Josh was exhausted, not as much as Caitlin, I'm sure, but he was already a proud papa. He has always had a calm kindness about him that will really help him in the coming years. That and his snarky sense of humor. A humor that has often clashed with his father's, but always blended well with mine. Oh, how he will need to keep that sense of humor strong now that he's a dad.
 Caitlin, was as excited as a mommy could be. (How could she not be, she just delivered a bowling ball!) She was exhausted and deliriously happy. She was a mommy in love. Her little big eyed peanut already had her wrapped around his tiny finger.
 Noah, already seemed to have his dad's attitude. I have a feeling that Caitlin will have her hands full with the two of them. I can seem them already bantering back and forth with quips and jokes. Some that Caitlin won't be sure how to take. Yup, she's going to have an interesting life on her hands keeping up with those two.

Josh changing his son's first poopy diaper

Kahlen inspecting to make sure he is doing it right. She is quite the expert now, since she has a little brother. 

 He actually did really well. His sister Alyssa was by his side showing him the ropes. (And he actually LISTENED to her!!! My how things change as siblings get older!)

After Josh was done with the diaper, Alyssa showed him how to swaddle Noah. Getting him all warm and comfy. 

Kahlen was quite the proud little cousin. Though she is starting to realize that he gets a lot of attention. She is not so sure about that. Just wait until Noah and Paxton become great buds. I have a feeling she will be at the receiving end of a lot of mischief. Yeah, most definitely. She's going to be in TROUBLE!

Yup, a keeper for sure!

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