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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Toddler Pets

Ah, pets. They enrich our lives. They offer unconditional love. They keep us warm on a cold winter's night. They snuggle us when we are feeling blue. They wake us at utterly ridiculous times in the morning.

Mia and Bazinga were working together today. Bazinga decided he wanted to go out and started whining. Not very loudly at first. Slowly each little bark got a little louder. Willie and I did our best to ignore him. We weren't ready to get out of bed. Bazinga persisted. And persisted. and persisted.

Soon, Mia came into our room and started yelling at us. She is not quite the polite critter that Bazinga is. She starts loud and gets louder. I'm sure that Bazinga sent her in. He had become certain that we must be dead. Why else would we ignore his furry cuteness. Mia hopped, (maybe hop isn't the right word, given her size,) lunged up on the bed. Bazinga had her convinced we had to be dead. She was extremely concerned. She had to find a way to make sure we were still alive. What if Bazinga was right? She thought to herself. It would be a tragedy! A complete utter tragedy! How could she ever survive! Who would feed her???

Once she determined we were in fact alive and able to keep her food bowl full she went back out to Bazinga. She taunted him and their morning of working together was over.

Mia has a special spot in front of one of the windows that is just hers. She sits in front of this window for hours. It is one of her favorite places in the house. Bazinga has always respected that it is her spot. Apparently, the taunting he received earlier hit a nerve. Today for the first time ever, Bazinga got up on Mia's spot. We have lived in this house a year, but today, he decided it was time for her to share.

This spot is big enough for both of them. If they really wanted to share it they could. That is one mighty big IF.  While Bazinga might be more than happy to share, Mia is not! After all, Bazinga gets to go outside and she doesn't. He gets to go for rides, (and yes, she does like to ride in the car), and she doesn't. Her spot is HER SPOT! She was angry!

Mia and Bazinga act like toddler siblings most of the time. This time was no different. First Mia just pretended like Bazinga wasn't there. She didn't look at him. She turned her back on him. Her ears back and her eyes surprised. I don't think she really knew WHAT to do about this incursion on her territory.

Bazinga, kept looking at her. He moved closer. She wiggled away. He moved closer. You could just hear him saying "I'm not touching you..." She kept ignoring him, he got bored and jumped down. For about thirty seconds. He looked back up at her. She was getting comfortable. Back up he went. She startled, but didn't back down. She held her ground.

Bazinga looked at Willie and I. He looked awful proud of himself. A little too proud. He wasn't going to budge. Unless he got bored again. Mia hunkered down. She is almost double his weight. He wasn't going to push her around. This was HER spot!

The stalemate continued. The tension grew. Mia got surlier and surlier. Bazinga, who seemed to have a devilish grin on his face kept nudging a little closer. The clock was ticking. A time bomb was about to explode. Mia's ears were flat to her head. tick, TICK, TICK, TICK!!!!!!   


 With a hiss, a growl and a punch Mia reclaimed her spot. HER SPOT!

Bazinga hasn't gotten back up there since.

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