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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Three Things I Discovered Today

People always say, "You learn something new everyday." Well, today I learned three new things. Do I get a gold star for extra credit? Or at least a little extra recess time for working so hard? I'd really like a little extra recess time! I don't get any of that any more.

First thing I learned. You know that recipe on Pinterest? Well, you really can make a really good pumpkin cake with just a boxed yellow cake mix, a can of pumpkin and two eggs. OK, yeah, I added a teaspoon of cinnamon, some fresh ground nutmeg, about a quarter teaspoon of allspice and a teaspoon of vanilla, too. Oh, and about a tablespoon of local honey. And pecans! I almost forgot the pecans! Frosted it with a can of cream cheese frosting, sprinkled with cinnamon and a few more pecans. It was quite tasty! As I was eating, about my third piece, I realized raisins, or dried cranberries would be really good in it, too! Or DATES! Yummmmm!

Second thing I learned, this stuff! Borax, is AWESOME stuff! My dad has accidents, a lot. I have been driving myself bat crap crazy trying to find something, anything that would take the urine smell out of his clothes. I tried sprays, so many different sprays. I tried pre-soaking, jeans just don't pre-soak well. I tried baking soda, I tried vinegar, I tried vinegar and  baking soda at the same time. I tried crying, none of it worked. I bought a box of Borax. Finally! It takes out the smell, and BONUS the clothes come out really soft, too. I'm using it on Willie and my clothes now, too.

Third thing I learned today, and this may be the most important, never EVER watch something you DVR'd weeks ago, that has weather warnings on it, with someone who has dementia. 
Dad: Here we go again....
Me: What?
Dad: Look, (points at TV) 
Me: (I look up at TV) What?
Dad: The weather, it's starting up again. 
Me: Ooohhh, no, I recorded this last week, you can ignore it. It isn't for today. 

(I go back to what I was working on. Five minutes later....)

Dad: Here we go again.... 
(I look at Dad,) 
Dad: The weather is starting up again....
Me: No, Dad, it is from last week, I recorded this last week. You can ignore it, it isn't for today. 
Dad: No, it's right there, on the screen.
Me: It's from last week Dad, it isn't for today. 
Dad: Oh, ok..

(I start back to what I was doing. 
Five minutes later...)

Dad: Here we go again....
I look at Dad. I grab the remote. I fast forward to the next episode. 
Me: There, now we don't have to worry about it. 

(Back to what I was working on.)

Dad: I saw on the TV a little bit ago that there are weather warnings out..... 
Me: Yeah, but they aren't for here. 

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