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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Here's the Thing....

I'm pretty sure I'm going to make a lot of people mad. A LOT! Hear me out though.

Our government is broken. Very broken. From the inside out, broken. The blame game has been being played for way too long. The GOP of Lincoln, is gone. The DNC of FDR is gone. What we have left are two street gangs of selfish little school brats who keep threatening to take their ball and go home. Except in this case the "ball" is our country. It is our economy, our well being and our way of life. I truly think a class of third graders could run  this country more efficiently with a game of Einie Menie Minie Mo, than the so called adults that we have elected have.

Which brings me to the point that will make a lot of people mad. We have become a country of blame the other guy. The republicans blame the democrats, the dems blame the GOP. We blame congress, or the president. AND THERE IT IS!!!! WE blame...... WE.... we....

WE elected these idiots. WE KEEP reelecting these idiots. The idiots on BOTH sides of the isle. (Oh, can I hear my mother and brother turning in their graves!) We keep thinking OUR representatives are somehow different. We keep deluding ourselves that if we keep reelecting the same people somehow things will change. We keep putting our faith and trust into the SAME TWO PARTIES that are corrupt, self serving groups of egomaniacal corporate owned yahoos that can't make a just decision to save their souls, much less our country. Continuing to do the same thing over and over and expect different results is INSANE! I think Einstein or Mark Twain said that.

These two parties have a very specific agenda.
1. Raise money, raise money, raise money.
2. Reelect their party, even if it means electing an idiot that can't count to three.
3. Raise money, raise money, raise money
4. Get their way, be spoiled brats, don't negotiate.
5. Raise money, raise money raise money.
6. Line their own pockets, have you ever noticed most of Congress are multi millionaires? It doesn't happen by accident.
7. Raise..... you know.
8. Pay off the people who gave them millions of dollars with whatever they ask for.

Do you see what is missing?? WE THE PEOPLE!  We are not on the agenda of either party. We are an after thought used during election season. We are a means to an end. We are not a priority. We are not represented. We are not who they work for.

WE have given up our power. The power WE have to make change. YES, that's right, WE have the power. WE have to make the change, because guess what, our government is broken, and ONLY WE can change it! If we keep reelecting these same two parties, nothing will change. These same two corrupt, bought and paid for, worthless parties. WHY?

What we need, is a third party. A party built of the people by the people. The Tea Party seemed to start out that way. In its original conception it seemed to have fiscal responsibility at its roots. It seemed to have level headed, let's fix this country, people that started it. Then somehow the fringe radical republicans grabbed a hold of it and boom it became corrupt and unyielding like the rest of the party.  Like both parties. (You don't know how hard it was for me to write any of that, I am a democrat, at least right now.) My thought is that the Tea Party was usurped, because it was a level headed, let's fix this country, grass roots group. It needed to be usurped, otherwise it would have been a serious threat to both parties.

Which is what we need. A serious threat. No third party group has been able to become that. Most third party groups are very one issue types. They have very specific issues they want to see changed. They are usually very good people, with very good ideas, but very one note. Which is why I believe they can't get anywhere. So, if they can't get anywhere, how do we put up a serious, viable party to challenge this system that WE have created.

First, we have to change our thought processes. The "Me Generation" of the sixties, did not serve us well. We were taught to think of ourselves first. I don't know why we glamorize that time in our history. It was basically a drug induced coma. Yes, they fought for cultural change, or so they say. They say they ended the Vietnam war. Maybe they did. But they also gave us a generation of teenagers, that came to believe that what ever made them feel good was good. They raised a generation of spoiled brats. MY generation. The generation that is running this country. The tail end of the baby boomers. The "Me Generation" raised the "JUST ME Generation." The "ONLY ME Generation." And we as a generation have passed this down to the next generation, exponentially. That is where the problem lies. Our leaders have either never been told "no", or they have gotten away with ignoring "no" and doing what they want anyway. They are like the football "hero" that gets away with bullying the band kids,  because they can throw a football. Is it ANY wonder that our schools are dealing with an epidemic of bullying? Our children have grown up watching bullies run our country. Our children have grown up watching elections. Seeing one candidate  bully another candidate with complete out and out lies in commercials and mud slinging, and then winning. That's right, we teach our children that lying and bullying gain you power, and money, and A LOT OF IT. THIS MUST CHANGE!

We have to let go of our self centered view of the world. We have to get back to Kennedy's, "ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country." We have to take responsibility. We have to STOP blaming the other guy. We have to own what we have done to our country. YES, what WE have done to this country! We did it, now we HAVE GOT to fix it. It isn't about them, it is about us.

So, how do we build this third party to rival the GOP and the Dems....... That's where I'm stuck. We can't work from within. The demise of the true Tea Party proves that. We have to organize, somehow. But how? We have to be INCLUSIVE. We have to welcome people of different views, that is the only way true progress can be achieved. Different views are not wrong views. Different ideas, dissected and reconstructed create a NEW reality that can change a world. Parts of ideas, combined with parts of other ideas, put together, rather than waved off with a "Phisshhhh," can make our country great again. Holding on to old grudges and old hatreds and old stubbornness only keeps the old status quot. It causes wars, it causes chaos, it never changes anything! The only truly bad idea, is not listening to other ideas. Our government has proven that repeatedly.

My idea, a viable third party. Is a good idea. Now we need more ideas. We need to figure out how to do this. Does anyone have any idea of how?

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